My New Mantra

Yesterday I was visiting Melissa over at Operation NICE and her newest assignment was to create a mantra that would encompass what you wish to achieve in 2009. I thought this to be brilliant, because it's right up my alley! I had chosen a word for 2009, but after serious consideration I decided this was not the word that best fit what I was aiming for. Then, I read Melissa's post and within it I found my word for 2009 - CONFIDENCE. I know many reading this may feel a bit baffled and wonder why does she need confidence. But, the answer is simply. Because I do! LOL

I am a fairly confident woman, but I can definitely use a boost in that department. So, this is my word for this year. My mission will be to STOP myself from shying away from opportunities, because I'd rather be in the background of it all. NO MORE!
I am doing away with that sort of "Stinking Thinking!" I will display my confidence in ALL that I do and with each time I feel myself easing into the background I will remind myself by repeating my mantra of 2009.

"I Am A Confident Masterpiece!"

If I am created in the image of The Almighty, then that means I have all the confidence I need coursing through my veins! I just need to awaken it by repeating my mantra! I feel like the shackles just fell off of me! I'm light and feeling Very confident that this WILL work.

What will your mantra for 2009 be?

5 Positives Of Today:

1. I was given another day of life
2. My new word and mantra have filled me with JOY
3. My inner voice has been strengthened
4. I'm SO Very Happy & Peaceful
5. YOU will drop by and read my words *Warm Hugs*


  1. You are a confident masterpiece indeed! :)

  2. You are a beautiful masterpiece created by the Almighty!

  3. Great word and I am sure you will achieve anything you set out to do in 2009. My word for 2009 is "hugs". I hope to be more compassionate and show more love to everyone.

  4. Great word for the new year and love the pic!
    Yes, the Lion lives within those of us who know Him!

  5. Sherrlyn Borkgren of http://www.lovesimplyhappens.blogspot says. . . LISTEN! the beauty of still waters, the gentle voice I hear when I allow quiet moments and Listen.
    I love your blog and will come back often to listen. Sherrlyn Borkgren

  6. oh that is a powerful mantra!!!

  7. I needed this today, I really really did. :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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