Day 13: So Inspired

Today we gain a new president and I can not say how honored I am to call Barack Obama our Commander and Chief! Please pray for his strength and guidance through his term. Please ask the Father to show him the way. Our country needs an uplifting and I pray we will ALL come together to make this possible. One of my favorite songs is "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke. I know that no matter what adversity we may face if we BELIEVE and hold complete FAITH change can come in a very positive and empowering way. Although we are not completely out of the darkness (racism - terrorism - struggling economy) on this day, this moment, this President gives us ALL HOPE. With his new journey we see the light shinning and how beautiful it is on This day. Today we sing in celebration. We sing because A Change Has Come. Hope has arrived in this human being, this child of God, this man of courage. Our change goes by the name Barack Obama, but after today you can respectfully refer to him as Mr. President. :)

Today I am grateful, because history is being made. Because we all CAN make a difference. Because Love is taking its stand and Hatred is cowering in the corner. Because WE as a people are finding happiness in one another. Because the impossible is now possible. Because "Yes We Can" will be the mantra of generations to come. Because we have the freedom to speak our hearts and not be persecuted. Because I am an American.

May The Angels Guide You Throughout Your Journey Today & Forever More !!


  1. I am glad to see we are on the page today! Today is a day that I have been waiting for my whole life and I am so honored to be a part of it. This means so much for my family. It is time for change and I believe this man whether black or white can bring that to the US!
    I hope you enjoy your day!

    Jill :)

  2. I hope you enjoyed the day. The rest of the world is grateful too and what an historical moment. It's hard to even contemplate what change this might bring but change will come. Beautiful post!

  3. I wish you and all Americans all the luck in the world. I am not politically minded but I do know history has been made today. Martin Luther King's dream has come true.



You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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