Embrace Yourself

This is Mother Theresa and throughout her life fitting into the status quo was never a priority. Her heart and soul defined her beauty, so there was never a need for an outer facade. She spoke with love, acted out of love and embraced everyone through love. Never caring what their outer shell looked liked.

So, who do so many women in the world allow themselves to be consumed with looks and appearances. Mainly because of the media you may say, but I must disagree. It starts within the home. What you are taught as a child or what you teach your child will define how you/they grow up to see themselves.

Do you look into the mirror everyday and say "Damn, I am beautiful!" Or do you say "I'm fat" "I have wrinkles forming!"

Many of my postings are on the spiritual side, because this is the side where I know I belong. So, please bare with me as I make my point.


There is NO SUCH THING as a perfect body. Models are not perfect. They are either too thin or airbrushed, so if you are basing YOUR look against theirs you will never be satisfied.

A child should be told how beautiful they are and as they grow and their bodies change they should be encouraged to love themselves unconditionally. My thirteen year old is at that age where she notices many things. She's a bit taller than her friends, so I was worried she'd feel a bit self-conscious about this. I sat her down and asked her was this an issue for her. She raised one eyebrow, took a deep breath and politely said "have you gone mad mom?" She continued. "I watch you everyday going through life as if you were never born disabled. Everyday you tell me how I'm created just as God intended, so how could I ever have an issue with who I am if I was created by HIM?" The lump in my throat grew three sizes and all I could do was hug her. When she walked out of my room I proceeded with my You Go Girl dance, because I now knew that my talking was not in vane. She got it!

I want YOU to get it. Losing weight to ward off health issues is understandable, but to do it because you want acceptance is a huge NO NO. We should all be accepted for WHO we are not HOW we look. YOU were created by the greatest artist ever known. Your worth is priceless and he does NOT make mistakes.

Take care of your body, because it is after all a gift. But, more importantly take care of what's inside. Your mind, soul and spirit. When you can be in accord with them beauty will flow from you effortlessly.

Be kind to others, smile everyday, truly care about the world we are living in, and by all means laugh until you wet yourself. ☺

This is a sure fire way to Love the You that HE Loves.

Peace & Uplifting


  1. Great post Tabitha!!

    I found your blog through BlissChick's site. I will bookmark it and visit often.


  2. Indeed, your daughter is wise and confident beyond her years, and you know who is responsible for that? :)

    I have read many times that we should love ourselves for who we are and not what we look like, and I never really bought it. Then I realized, there is nothing to buy, it's free!

    Thank you for the inspiration! :)

  3. no mirrors here that are used for facial viewing...i don't look "at" ...i look "in"!

    have a blessed day dear one!

  4. I know you are so proud of your daughter and her insight. Goes to show what a good teacher you are. Such a true and inspirational post.

  5. Hello! Great post and very inspiring! I need to be more like her and stop complaining about my appearance ;)

  6. You rock my world, Tabby.
    You are a wonderful example to all of us and a wonderful mother, to boot!
    What a fantastic job you have done with your precious girl!
    You obviously have lived your message before her for years or she would not have responded that way.
    Thanks for being you and sharing yourself and your wisdom with us.

  7. hello...after seeing you at Maithri's, that kind and gentle soul of a man angel, I wandered over this day to visit you and found a wondrous place of peace and powerful intention...may you find all you desire in life and may your words be read by all who need to hear your power-full message....you are a blessing and I wish you many...

  8. I so needed to read these words today. You are very inspirational--keep writing friend :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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