Day 12: Honoring Those Before Me

Wow! Where do I begin? Today we celebrate the legacy of one of the greatest men to ever exist. He left this earth before my birth, but his impact has grown with me throughout the years. I have drawn great strength from Dr.King. I am deeply grateful for his sacrifices and his words. I see my Grandfather in him. they are both strong, courageous and caring men who influenced the greatest parts of who I am. Dr.King wanted a world of peace and harmony. He lived to help and uplift others because it is what God placed in his heart. The same goes for me. I strive to be one of HIS children who are determined to live and bring forth peace and harmony. I strive to help and uplift those in need. To LOVE all, because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

Today, I honor Dr.King and my Grandfather. For they are two of my greatest inspirations!

Last night while reading from my book "Daily Guidance From Your Angels" it stated that we should express our dreams out loud as well as in written form. So, I grabbed my journal and expressed my dreams and today I am verbally expressing them (virtually).

Dear Father and Angels,

Please guide me as I walk this path chosen for me. Please help me to continue with my mission of creating goody bags for ill and homeless children. I wish to do this until I am told by YOU to stop. Guide me and bless me with the way to continue this mission. Guide me in my journey as Mother. Please teach me, so that I may teach my princess. I desire to be the difference. To make an impact in her life and many other children. I believe my dreams are attainable and I thank you for making them come true in advance.

Thank You.

I exercised for 20 minutes today and I feel Grrrreat! (My tony the tiger moment)

Blessings To All!


  1. What a wonderful post! You are divinely guided...and an earth angel! Big hugs!

  2. Love you more each is that possible!? :)

  3. this is a wonderfully uplifting post (in keeping with the men you are honouring).
    i am a firm believer now in the power of intention, and releasing it thorough our words, both spoken and written. and what a beautiful purpose you have.

  4. The flame as been passed down, and I know it will continue with Love... and you go, girl! I wish I had the "whatever it takes" to lose some weight... you should be very proud of yourself.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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