Courage Has Returned Home

Hello my beautiful ones! WOW! It is officially 2009 and I'm still in awe of how fast 2008 went by. Even with the family tragedies time still managed to fly by. In a way I saw that as a blessing, because healing has been going faster as well.

Our trip home to New Orleans was totally awesome! My mom and sister N cooked everyday we were there, so it's safe to say I've added a few pounds to my body, but I so do NOT care! I was able to eat, enjoy it and be with my family. No regrets reside here! ☺

If you've never been to New Orleans I HIGHLY recommend it. Pre-Katrina my hometown was booming with life and a majestic character. Those qualities are still there, but her strength is finally making it's presence known. There is still much financial struggling for her residents, but they all face each day KNOWING everything will be fine. This makes me extremely proud to say that I am a New Orleanian!

I am blessed to have two sisters who have given me 8 nieces and nephews in total. I enjoyed EVERY minute we spent together. Playing video games, laughing, rocking babies to sleep and just receiving MANY kisses and hugs from them all. I am DEEPLY blessed indeed!

Leaving is always hard on us all, but we know there will be a next time. My goal was to enter into 2009 surrounded by those I love most in a peaceful manner. This goal was met in the greatest of ways. God never disappoints! We watched the city streets being lit up by the beautiful fireworks and until you've seen the New Orleans skies lit up in the most angelic way you have not seen true beauty just yet. ☺

It is a new year and with it brings new paths, goals, dreams, hurdles and possibilities. I've learned that we must seize that which we desire, so with this new year, newer heart, stronger soul I choose "Courage" as my word of the year. I always referred to my Grams as a Soldier, because she personified the true meaning of the word. I desire to hold a grain of her courage within me as I move through this year wearing my Courage on my chest. I will NOT back down from any opportunity presented to me. I will stand in the spotlight and DEMAND to be seen. I REFUSE to hide any longer.

I'm SO Grateful I'll have YOU along for the ride!! This year is filled with the strongest energy I've ever felt, so I know we are all destined for DIVINE blessings.

I truly enjoyed visiting home, but I'm also happy to return to THIS home. Where my blog family resides.

Love & Blessings To All!


  1. I am so glad you had a great visit with all your family and friends in New Orleans. I have spent many vacations in your city and it is one of my favorite places. It is like a magic place with the quarter and the great zoo and the old buildings. I just love it, love it. I have not been for several years and not since Katrina but would love to go back. I can see why you gained weight. There are so many great cooks and places to eat and the food is like nothing in this world. One time years ago, I went for a weeks vacation and gained nine pounds in one week!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time!!

  3. you are my sugar coated, candy cane of courage ! xo and go girl...GO!


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