Day 21: Non Guilty Pleasures

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Why do they call them guilty pleasure?
I in no way feel guilty every Wednesday as I sit in my room and watch 3 hours of Ghost Hunters. :)
I LOVE this show!! LOVE IT!! After the passing of my Grandma the attraction grew much stronger, but I've
ALWAYS loved this show none the less.

On Fridays you can find me watching this show.

Ghost Whisperer! Do you get the theme here? This show is Awesome!! Its romantic, yet creepy. LOL
I adore Jennifer Love Hewitt. :)

Today, the TAPS team will have my undivided attention and I won't feel guilty at all! :)

Today I'm Grateful:

*That its Wednesday!
*That my Avon Bath Products (another non guilty pleasure) arrived today
*That I laughed with Monica for awhile
*For a lovely night with Hubby (he's so cute!)
*That my daughter's report card ROCKED!! 5 A's and 3 B's Whoop! Whoop!
*For the awesome music that danced across my eardrums today

Love To All!!!


  1. Too Funnnny. I love the shows that you mentioned above. Sadly I'm the only one at home who likes watching Ghost Hunters. My family says that I'm a bit weird. I don't care. I'll keep watching it. :)

    Thanks and have a great night!


  2. Julia, don't feel bad no one will watch them with me either. :)

  3. Don't feel guilty, everyone is entitled to some guilty pleasures. mine is taking a day off from excercising.
    Have fun with your programmes.


  4. I love Ghost Whisperer! Especially the love twist this season. :)

    btw it's Jennifer Love Hewitt :)

  5. Thank You Yvonne!!

    Genie, I so knew it was Jennifer Love Hewitt, but for some reason my brain insisted on typing Sara Michelle Gellar. LOL


  6. Yay for your daughter's excellent report card! That is an amazing bunch of good grades!!!

  7. yeah about daughters report card!!!!


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