Love And So Much More!

My heart and soul have truly been fed today in the deepest and greatest of ways. I am in no way good at drawing or painting, but I am very creative in many ways. My morning started off with a WONDERFUL talk with The Guy up High. :) Then, of course I watched Joyce Meyer and this show was very educational.

I then felt the Angels of Creativity speaking to me, so with great respect I listened. After putting on my soothing music (and I do mean soothing) I began to put together some "Uplifting Mail" for 10 beautiful and deserving girls. Each child living with a major life changing illness.

These are the items I placed within each girl's envelope.

Dear Hubby was sweet enough to mail them off for me on his way
back to work. :)

I also received an email from Stacy & Meaghan today! The two wonderful young ladies who created Spirit Jump. A program where they match you up with adults who are currently battling cancer. Your goal is to send them uplifting mail. Hello! That is so up my alley! So, I sat down and created this below for the two lovely adults I'll be uplifting.

This day has truly been fulfilling for me. I am at my happiest moment when I can do something nice for someone in need. I wish I could fully convey how living this way truly makes me feel inside. All I can say is at this very moment I am beyond happy and feel DEEPLY grateful.

Wishing You All Peace & Smiling As Hard As Ever
Your Friend,


  1. Tabby, it is so precious to see how you just rush right in to help others, especially how even though you are already doing so much for the children, through your ministry and beyond, you reached right out and are now matched with those 2 adults battling cancer and are uplifting them, too. You are AMAZING!

  2. Yes you certainly did have a fullfilling day ,
    it's great to have one of those days as there are many people in the world who depend on others just to survive. Keep up the good work.


  3. You have such a beautiful spirit :) Just reading your post made me smile from ear to ear. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hello! I came to your blog through Chris' place and so glad I did. Your words are so heartwarming, the letters you put together are beautiful. I am going to check out the uplifting program. It sounds amazing.

  5. You are a blessing to so many...
    I am honored to know you !

  6. This is absolutely wonderful. Writing, drawing, etc. are just one of many, many avenues of creativity as you so brilliantly displayed here. It seems you have a knack and fulfillment for it. We are all pieces to the puzzle of humanity, blessing others in various ways. Keep up with good work!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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