Letting Go

For most of my childhood and adulthood I lived to make others happy. If I thought they wouldn't approve or if I believed they would be mad at my decision I simply would NOT do it. Also, I would hide a few of my successes in hopes of not making others feel bad about situations in their lives. In all honesty, this truly made my life miserable. I didn't feel as if I were living for ME.

I pray for growth daily and I do see it in many instances. But, it didn't become prominent until I decided that I would live MY LIFE. I would NO LONGER live to please others. Uplifting them is one thing, but to allow them to take away your bliss is just insanity.

I don't wait for others to approve my decisions. I ask my Father for guidance and if HE feels something is not meant for me, then HE has his ways of clarifying that.


In the past three years I have been extremely happy. I know this is because I decided to be "The Ruler Of My Life." We can't please everyone in life and in my opinion we are not here to do so.

So, today I am letting go - AGAIN!

*Letting Go Of Anyone Who Feels I Should Live As They See Fit
*Letting Go Of Anyone Who Can't Be Happy For My Blessings (they downplay them)
*Letting Go Of ALL Negative Energy
*No Longer Caring About What Others Say

Instead I Will:

*Live Each Day My Way
*No Longer Hide My Successes (they are worthy of being known)
*No Longer Go Out Of My Way to Please EVERYONE
*Follow My Destiny
*LIVE Happily In Peace

I'm letting this go for the VERY LAST TIME! This is an issue I had worked out awhile ago, but I felt the need to do this publicly. With witnesses I am held accountable!

Now I Can Breathe...Relax and Move Forward ♥

Peace & Uplifting,

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  1. Wonderful. I liked this post very much. How mature and wise are you - truly.

    Congratulations, you inspire me to make better decisions too. I love the imeage you have used for this post too.

  2. YES! Letting go is the only way to freedom and happiness I believe.

    I understand what you have gone through, because I have been on a similar path.

    Negativity is like a slap in the face; it stings, but it doesn't do permanent damage unless we dwell on it. Thank GOODness, there are people like you in the world who are like a salve that eases the sting! :)

  3. I used to be a people pleaser and I'm still working on being released from that! God is helping me realize that my life is not about those people. It's about God and me!!

  4. Good for you. I know you will be much happier with your life if you live it your way. I am so happy that you are doing this for yourself.

  5. Great Post!!!!!

    All so true Tabby :)

  6. what a truely inspiring post Tabby :-)

  7. May the power you posses make you stronger :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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