Day 16: Feeling Blessed and Expressing Gratitude

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When I awoke yesterday I immediately knew that grubby satan was ready to play. I was home alone and for a brief moment I felt unsafe. What! I never feel unsafe in my home! This is where I am the safest and in complete peace. I knew he was trying to get to me, so I took immediate action! I grabbed my 365 Daily Promise Bible and started reading, but before I started reading aloud I announced that I needed the Father to cover and protect me. I declared my life and heart belong to ONLY HIM. After reading I quickly felt at peace and my home had returned to its normal state. :)

Today, I woke up feeling completely peaceful! I'm very proud of myself, because around 11pm last night I grabbed a small pack of cookies to eat. I looked at the cookies and said "NO WAY!" Instead I chose to eat an apple sauce cup and headed to bed. Yay Me!!

Another Blessing:
For three days one of our front headlights had been out. hubby went to auto zone to purchase the bulb and to see how much they'd charge to replace it. Of course they wanted $132, which we could not afford. After speaking with hubby I told him to place it in God's hands and let it go. The next day his co-worker noticed our light was out and asked hubby if he had the bulb. Hubby retrieved the bulb from the car and the co-worker took his time and replaced our bulb for FREE! Divine Intervention at its best!

I'm Grateful:

*For a new day with my family and blogging friends
*For the scent of my warm glass of vanilla soy milk (Yum!)
*For all the beautiful sentiments I received yesterday on my 100th post - Thank You All!
*That I was able to hear the birds chirping this morning
*For the strength & support I am receiving in my quest to live healthier
*That my actions are now rubbing off on my princess and hubby who are now on board 100%
since last weekend!!!

I'm off now to do my 20 minute workout!!
I wish you all truly knew how your support is inspiring me. I BELIEVE in each of You!!

Thank You!!!


  1. What a great story about your car - unbelievable!

  2. Faith put to the test--thanks for sharing. If you are interested in joining a few of us who have joined together--Tina set it seems to help me stay motivated.

  3. Ye bring tears to my olde eyes, honey! So glad you are being strong about getting healthy (it is so hard!), and glad to hear that the headlight was fixed and you were saved $132! Who has $132 these days???!!! Not me!

    Reading about YOUR strength gives me strength! Thank you!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I find your blog very inspiring.

  5. YAY you! For overcoming the darkness and spreading your light. You rock! :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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