Gentle Rain

I read a piece over at Black Tie and Sneakers titled "Gentle Rain" and immediately my pen began to dance. I love it when another poet can inspire me! I'm deeply grateful and I hope you'll go read Robert's version as well.

Gentle Rain - Tabitha D.
January 5, 2009

It's like a gentle rain
falling over my soul
crashing into my being like hard waves
Yet, it comforts me
It comforts me like the sun does on a warm summer day
beaming it's life into mine gently
And my mind is open and receptive
Ready to receive all that the universe has to offer

In the dark I hear the rain
tapping gently against my inner window
wanting me to know that it's there
Waiting for me to acknowledge it's presence
so I slide into my slippers and join the rain in a dance
We dance to celebrate life
and the beauty in which it holds
We dance to celebrate one another
for in this moment we are ONE

It's like a gentle rain
cradling me to sleep and gently awakening me in the morn
A new life, a new love and endless possibilities
Never torn on what the next step may be
because Faith is my tour guide
and she knows that the secret to true happiness
is to simply be...Free
So I am
and I love, laugh, cry and praise
Knowing every given time I will be heard

It's like a gentle rain
that uplifts my soul
and cheers me on throughout each day
It nurtures who I am
and molds who I am to become
with the sun, moon and stars
Limitless are my dreams
as long as IT exists

I thrive to feel it with every breath
and hold on to it with all that's within me
I seek guidance from it
and am covered in it

It's like a gentle rain
lighting my path through life
and washing away any sorrow
Healing me from pain
and strengthening my tomorrow

God's Love...It's like a gentle rain


  1. Visiting your blog is like a day at the spa! :)

  2. I came back for another read ..It's wonderful piece..:)

  3. Genie: You truly make me smile! :)

    Robert: I am very grateful for your words and inspiration.


  4. Just beautiful. You are such an inspiration.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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