With each new day I am enlightened on every level of my life. This morning I sit in silence as my daughter is back in school. From my bedroom window I hear birds chirping and it is indeed the sweetest sound. I reflect and send my intentions out into the universe.

I Intend To:

- Live my best life EVERYDAY
- Laugh, Laugh, Laugh
- To create thousands of goody bags and give them to Terminally Ill children WORLDWIDE
- Cook delicious meals for my family Mon - Fri (weekends belong to the hubster)
- Grow closer to The Father
- Do HIS Will
- Uplift as many beings as I possibly can
- Believe even more
- Stay Healthy and Nurture my family
- Smile at every given moment
- Enjoy and notice the beauty in nature daily
- Write poetry once a week
- Chase away ANY and ALL energy zappers
- Live, Love, Laugh, Cry, and Praise
- Guide my princess to her best life
- Slow down and enjoy the moment
- Love the skin I'm in ALWAYS
- NOT CARE what others say about me
- Walk proudly towards my destiny
- Sing and Dance daily
- Follow through on it ALL ♥

Peace & Uplifting,


  1. Tabitha, you have such an uplifting blog, very inspirational, and what an awesome layout. Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's so easy to get bogged down, but you started your day out acknowledging the sweet song of the birds, one of God's own voices... nice way to start any day.

  2. What a wonderful inspiring post today! Thank you Tabby :)

  3. This is the place I come to when I seek solace from something or someone who has disturbed me. Thank you Tabby! Hugs! :)

  4. You are an inspiration. Just the kind of inspiration I need right now too! Thanks Tabby!!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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