Day 9: Determination Has Taken Over

Today I exercised for 20 minutes working on my abs and legs! The eating part of this form of living has never been my issue. It was the non-desire to exercise, but now determination has bit me in the butt and I am all for it! I do NOT own a scale. I disposed of it a few months back when I noticed my daughter jumping on it everyday after coming from school. If my clothes start to fit me loosely then I know I am achieving my goal, but for this mission I will be weighed again by my doctor next month. So, until then you will find me in my bedroom, music blasting and shaking my groove thing. :)

Today I Feel:

Beautiful * Determined * Confident * Blessed * Loved * Supported * Guided * And Extremely Grateful

I'm Grateful:

- That a new day has come and I've been invited to take part in it
- That love surrounds me in every aspect of my life
- For endless possibilities
- For so many uplifting souls who I get to engage with each day
-For the music, which moves my body and soothes my soul
-For the loving advice of those who truly care :)
-That my princess loving styled my hair beautifully

In high school I dated a guy named Eddie. We attended both of our proms together and even spoke of marriage, but that never came to be. God did make it so we would remain best friends throughout our lives. I had not seen Eddie in almost 9 years, then a few days ago my cousin called and told me to register for our high school's website. I registered, set up my profile, commented to a few friends I had lost touch with and then I logged off. Yesterday I logged on to find a message from Eddie saying he was in town for a convention and was leaving today. We exchanged numbers, laughed a bit and made plans for him to come to our home this morning.

This is us on our way to my prom

This is us early this morning

I truly feel blessed to have had that opportunity, because Eddie is indeed a wonderful friend and he was my first Love. :)

Peace & Sweet Uplifting,


  1. You made me SING...LAUGH...CRY !!!
    Oh my little Tabby...what joy :) Aren't blessings GREAT !

    By the way, dear one, You are LOVELY :)

  2. You made me SING...LAUGH...CRY !!!
    Oh my little Tabby...what joy :) Aren't blessings GREAT !

    By the way, dear one, You are LOVELY :)

  3. Awww, how truly wonderful! Loved the photos and you guys have not changed much at all! I so love the pink dress too!! Beautiful colour. I am exercising today too. I love coming here and being inspired. Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh woman! I so want to hug you right now! You make my day. Every day! :)

  5. Good for you, hope the excercises go well, you are an inspiration for those who are less motivated. The photo's are great.
    Have a grand week-end and take care.


  6. I hear you...I need to get movin'. I was good the past couple of days...I am getting obsessed with photo editing and can't pull myself away from my computer!!!

  7. How fun that you get to reconnect...I understand my first love with always have a special place in my heart--and I love that my husband understands that completely.

  8. Ah exercise ~ just the word alone makes me cringe!

    To have lifelong friends is the sweetest rose of life. How lucky for you and Eddie to remain close and bless each other with your being. One true friend is worth more than a room full of acquaintances, don't you think?

  9. Muse - I am so thrilled that I could invoke those feelings within you and I will definitely show more pictures. :)

    Lilly - I am cheering you on my friend! Thank you very much for the compliment!

    Genie - I would swim the ocean for a hug from you my dear friend. You inspire me!

    Yvonne - I am deeply grateful for your presence and your words. :)

    Caroline - You are so talented my friend! I was given the advice to hold my tummy in while I'm on the computer or riding in the car. It Works! Try it!

    JMBMOMMY - I am very blessed to have a very understanding husband. He's known Eddie the entire time, so it was no shock that we would want to see one another. We are very blessed women huh?

    Beverly - I so understand! Yes, I deeply agree that one true friend is worth more than a room full of acquaintances.

    I'm grateful that in my life I've been blessed with more that one true friend. :)

    Love You All!!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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