Day 18: Restful Sunday

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Yesterday is still swimming around in my head. I held a two hour conversation with my 17 year old niece and afterward I felt so uplifted. She's very intelligent and mature for her age, so I'm never truly surprised when we have these talks. But, this particular conversation brought us closer (if that's even possible). During our conversation I mentioned how I love writing quotes that move my spirit into my journal. She became excited and yelled "me to!" I then told her how I meditate and sit quietly as my music plays throughout the day. I told her that if I could not hear music my soul would morn for it. She then describe her daily ritual to me and I was in awe. She was always under me as a kid, so when she began writing poetry I felt it only natural. But, now this 17 year old mini me spoke spiritually to me and lifted my heart. We share so many of the same beliefs and values! I can not explain what this means to me. She was on a rocky path a year ago, but the death of our uncle this past October showed her so many truths. I'm so grateful she's finding peace and happiness in her journey to the Father. :)

Today is my resting day, but I think my idea of resting is TRULY different from many. After going to Borders for a devotional book for my Mom. I'm going to surprise her with it! I plan on putting my music on, sitting in my room and creating cards for children who are hospitalized. This allows my spirit to sit quietly and just be in the moment. The sheer idea of making children smile brightens my life, so I choose to use today to do just that. :)

Today I'm Grateful:

*That it is Sunday and I can simply rest
*For a loving conversation with my niece yesterday and my baby sister today
*That God and my two sisters have given me 8 beautiful nieces and nephews
*For 24 minutes of exercise yesterday (That Rocked!)
*For a beautiful day
*For laughter - It Feels Awesome!
*For a phone call this morning from my 3 year old niece Mera :)

Blessed Be


  1. Rest comes in many forms indeed. Yours, not surprisingly, is a giving rest :)

  2. Such a beautiful blog, which I enjoyed reading.
    Music is so important I think in life, there seems to be music for every concievable mood.
    My favourite quote is: "Todays gratitude buys you tomorrows happiness"
    Happy thoughts until the next time.


  3. I am truly grateful to have come across your blog. You are such an inspiration. It seems you have a peace within so many of us desire but rarely grasp for any number of reasons. I love your caring and sensitive outlook on life in general making good use of your downtime and still experiencing inner calm. A wonderful, uplifting blog entry that made me smile and take notice.

    PS: Thank you for subscribing and your awesome comment! :)

  4. How cute that you and yer neice are two of a kind! Double trouble...!!! No, double wonderful!!!

    So sweet of you to make those cards for the hospitalized kids...what a giving person you are my dear!

  5. I love the picture you used with your post today, so blissful!!

  6. How lovely to find your "resting" post here. I just did one today on my own site, so very similar to yours. What a lovely synchronicity! Would that we could all give ourselves a rest when needed and treat ourselves more lovingly...
    Blessings all around. J

  7. I know that you love and cherish your niece so much and are grateful for her in your life. I can't think of anything more wonderful than making children smile.

  8. I love the photo. What a peaceful space. You have a beautiful place here and I'm SO glad that I came across your blog. Have a wonderful day! :)

  9. Hi,
    Just wanted to let you know I left a blog award on my blog for you today.

  10. What an unterly beautiful person you are.

    Your creative talent and the way you've set up your blog is great.

    I very much enjoyed my visit. You are a person of like heart.

    Thank you!

  11. Rest.. I could use a day of rest. glad you enjoyed yours! :)


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