Taking Stock of Life

As a family we have learned and are still learning that Nothing should be taken for granted ever. My daughter and I love watching a series called "Criminal Minds." As we were watching this series we both realized just how blessed we truly are. PC grabbed paper and pen and began to write a list of the things we are blessed with. I wondered, where does she get that from? lol
She was stating how there are families and humans who are suffering, fighting cancer, living in homeless shelters and living on the streets. There are beings who are starving, animals and children are being abused. So, I joined in and this is what we came up with. We never want to take Anything for granted. So, we humbly take stock in the many things we are blessed with.

The majority of this list comes from Princess Charlie (age 14). I wanted to see just how far she could go. Then, I realized she could go on forever so this will probably be a two part post. (:

1. We have a reliable vehicle to get us to the places we need to go
2. We have a home filled with love
3. A home free of bugs and rodents
4. Our bills are paid in a timely fashion
5. We have the luxury of cable, internet and cell phones
6. We have tons of food
7. We have clothing to cover our bodies
8. We have machines and medicines to keep us healthy
9. We have clean water to drink
10. Cool air fills our home when it's hot and warm air enters when it's cold
11. We are free to speak from our hearts and NOT be judged
12. As a family we laugh daily
13. As a family we are growing in God together
14. We can see, hear, talk, walk and feel
15. I have a reliable scooter to get me around
16. We are blessed to have come from a beautiful city (New Orleans) and now live in another gorgeous city (San Antonio)
17. We all have talents that we use happily
18. We were blessed to have received sincere compassion from other humans when we were in need
19. God blesses us in Many ways
20. We are able to see and feel the blessings on a daily basis
21. We have toilet paper and sweet smelling soaps to clean ourselves
22. Our bodies are free of addictive drugs
23. We are learning how to savor our foods and eat in healthier ways
24. We are blessed to live in simplicity
25. Mommy has learned how to let the bad stuff go

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  1. What an incredible child! Must be that great parenting!

  2. Wow, what a list. And what an amazing daughter you have!

  3. how uplifting to have a daughter as sweet as her :) oh blessing come in many disguises which never think of...blessed are we who can more or less do whatever we want without being haressed. or that we have electricty and water on demand and we use far more than we really need. That I got a son and had no trouble conceiving while others despair to be preganant.....there are simply too many but blessed we truly are!

  4. This is beautiful. I am so glad to see that your beautiful heart of gratitude has been passed onto your children.

  5. you just made my heart full...and i love you sooomuch! my fav: "Mommy has learned how to let the bad stuff go"

  6. Bravo Ms. PC and to the fab mom who raised her. To instill gratitude in our children for what they do have (instead of what they don't, which is all they seem to see on TV or hear at school...) is so important. I'd like to do this exercise with my college-aged daughter who is struggling right now...Blessings!

  7. How wonderful that your daughter is joining you in praise! I hope I can set as good of an example to my girls when they are old enough to start keeping their own gratitude list!

  8. I love the show "Criminal Minds" Sometimes I sit there watching it and I just thank God that I'm in my right mind. That's another blessing in itself.
    Have a great day my friend :)

  9. To alter a famous saying a little bit: The Princess does not wander far from the Queen!

    You sure raised her up right.

  10. Hi Tabitha!
    It is so wonderful that your daughter is taking after you and making these lists. What a very sweet thing the two of you worked on! I can tell your house is built on love...thank you for sharing some of that here!

  11. What a wonderful list from your teen!!!! So awesome how she can appreciate even the littlest of things that we can take for granted!

  12. Tabitha... Your daughter's list is so complete... it covers so much! Many people don't appreciate the clean water we have ... So many people around the world die from the lack of sanitary water.

    Family, love, health... Amen!
    Giving thanks with you & your daughter here today ~ Maria

  13. So many things to be thankful for! I too watch criminal minds...very intense show for sure!!!

  14. You are being up a very wise young lady. you should be very proud of her list. :)

  15. Wow! Fabulous list! The thoughts say a lot about you and your daughter. I pray peaceful blessings will pour on you all.

  16. Fruit don't fall too far from the tree.... :) Now that's a blessing for you too, dear Tabitha! Peace, Light and Love, C.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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