Ordinary Moments

Painted by Tabitha

I am most moved when events take place and are not forced or planned. When goodness oozes throughout the day. That is indeed a day we want to hold on to! I believe in everything I do being a family thing, so this week I asked each member in my home to share TWO Ordinary Moments they've enjoyed this weekend. We are FOREVER grateful for every single blessing which is bestowed upon us. There is great power in sharing your gratitude, so I do it with no hesitation. (:

1. Cooking dinner for my family
2. Tickling my daughter and seeing her beautiful smile

Nephew T:
1. Playing the XBox with my uncle
2. Making my aunt laugh uncontrollably

Princess Charlie:
1. Painting with my mommy
2. Watching my favorite Sunday shows with my mommy

Yall know I can NOT just list TWO things! (:

1. Listening to soul stirring praise music Saturday & Sunday
2. Cuddling with hubby and PC on the sofa
3. Receiving unexpected kisses from T
4. Painting outside with Princess Charlie
5. Feeling the STRONG presence of God and His son Jesus
6. Receiving a call from my aunt E to say I uplifted her with the gift I sent
7. Looking around my home and feeling Abundantly blessed
8. Receiving a SUPER encouraging email from Lisa McKay
9. The trip to Wal-Mart, which produced beautiful recycled sticky note pads
10. Receiving a HUGE package of goodies for our ministry sent by Evon (We Love U!)
11. Talking to my sisters on three way calling

This is the day a community of those wishing to express gratitude gather. It has been a very blessed weekend and I'm honored to share my gratitude with you all! If you wish to join in on Mondays please visit A Holy Experience.


  1. What a beautiful post, dripping in true bliss my friend!

    It is an honor and a privilege to battle with you in prayer today. May the Lord simply hold your family close with His healing hand.

    And may you be drenched in His unfailing love,
    Sarah Dawn

  2. It is such an honor to call you friend! Your posts always make me smile.

  3. What a great idea! I think I will do this w/ my family!! What a blessing to read this, Tabitha!

  4. Tabitha,
    Thank you for sharing.
    I've been feeling a presence lately.

  5. Once again Tabitha, such a wonderful uplifting post.
    1.) I am grateful for seeing and enjoying family and friends this weekend.
    2.) I am grateful for being able to see, feel, read, touch, taste, all of God's wonderful creations. They touch my heart and soul and fill me with such Comfort, Hope, Love and Courage.
    I too will add another one I am Grateful for Tabitha and her family, for the Love, Hope and Joy they share with each other and all those they come in contact with.
    May God Bless you and your family with His Abundance, His Love, Hope, Joy, Peace and Bliss. Love and Light, Nina P.

  6. Ah how I missed you my sweet Tabby! Coming here is like a vitamin injection straight into my soul. Thank you so much for all your support and words of encouragement! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ x infinity!

  7. You are so blessed! Glad to see that you don't take the little moments for granted.

  8. Beautiful. I wish more people could see the His hand in the simple day to day blessings as you have done here.

    Love your outlook, you are a blessing to us all here.

  9. Sarah Dawn: Thank you so very much

    Jeanette: I am the honored one dear heart!

    Alicia: I look forward to reading your family's list!

    Yaya: I pray you keep feeling it my friend

    Nina: I am ALWAYS joyful to read your comments! Thank you for being you!

    Genie: You make me smile and let me know that I am loved!

    Kelly: Nice to meet you! Thank You for your words!

  10. Girl, you never fail to make me think and dig deep. Thank you for being such an uplifting woman of God.

  11. Thanks for stopping by Eucharisteo... I love your list, especially that you included others' gratitude items, too. :)

    God bless you...

  12. I appreciate #7... I need to do that more often... instead of seeing things that need to be done around the house... just BE grateful :)
    Thank you Tabitha~

  13. you know what's great? reading about others gratitude brings happiness and inspires gratitude in me. :-)

  14. how beautiful :) I hope to be as grateful but I dont think I am right now!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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