My Aha! Moment

Morning Thoughts: 1) I'm grateful for a new day. 2) I realize my mistake. 3) I am stronger and filled with a greater sense of confidence!

If you listened to ICB #8 you may have heard my confession. But, for the sake of my point I will post it here as well. A few years back I struggled to lose weight for ALL the WRONG reasons. This lead to me taking prescription diet pills, which contributed to a minor heart attack. After that event I came to the conclusion that NO AMOUNT of weight was worth dying for. I began to accept my body just as it was and I still do. I never needed to lose 100 pounds. It was always anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds. If I were to lose 30 pounds right now I'd be free from that darn sleep apnea machine. I've exercised, skipped meals (which lead to over eating) and I've even denied myself snacks that I truly love. I did all of this for the sake of being healthy, but there was one sure shot thing I hadn't done.

I Never Asked God To Help Me!!!

I went about losing weight on my own terms. I went by man's word as to how I should lose weight. My Aha moment came this Tuesday and I almost fell out of the chair when I realized this. My doctor connected me with a dietitian and during our conversation she asked "Tabitha, are you a spiritual person?" Of course, I replied yes. She then asked "have you ever asked God to guide you through your journey of weight loss?" I almost screamed, because I can't even explain why I hadn't turned to him in the first place! She explained that I could still eat what I love to eat, but in moderation and she said to only eat when I was truly hungry. What?! That was foreign to me, but I knew it was the truth. She also suggested I tried taking sips of water or juice in between bites and STOP once I felt full no matter how much food was left. I thought it was a sin to leave food on a plate, but if I had not been piling the plate with food in the first place this wouldn't have been an issue. Officially I started my new way of eating yesterday and it was a success! I ate only when I was hungry, sipped my water and stopped when I was absolutely full. I even exercised (danced) for 15 minutes!
I have now gone to God and asked for his guidance and strength. NOW I believe I have a fighting chance to rid myself of this blasted sleep apnea machine! I'm on my way to losing 30 pounds on His terms ONLY!! :)

Today's Awesome Moments:
-My time with The Father
-Dancing for 10 minutes
-Eating only when hunger hits
-Feeling a great sense of accomplishment


  1. Go for it!! I have heard about this method of weight-loss before. I think a hypnotist called Paul McKenna uses it. No food is forbidden and there are just two rules: eat ONLY when hungry and stop when full. He also recommends putting knife and fork down between each mouthful and really savouring each bite. I wish you success with it!

  2. Whoo hoooooo! You go, girl! I'm sending huge amounts of positive energy your way. You ARE doing this, and it's effortless with God's help.

  3. It is so odd how we sometimes forget to "let go and let God" on even some of the most mundane things. God led your Dr. to that dietician.

    THAT is a wonderful story and I know you are well on your way to success.

    Keep those "aha moments" up when you are feeling weak and want to eat yourself into a coma.

  4. I believe drinking water is the key factor in successfully losing weight. drink a glass before and after every meal it helps make you feel fuller.

    I have faith in you and Know you can be successful.

  5. Tabitha, I have battled weight gain all my life and like you I have used every diet plan and meds to lose it.
    I would lose 20-30 lbs and it would come right back and bring friends to stay. Good luck and let God quide you and I know you can do it.
    Will be praying for you and would you please pray for me...I started on a healthy path also last month, but I have 100 lbs to lose now.

  6. Awesome Tabitha and now you have passed it on for so many of us that also need the help. I too was able to get rid of that horrible sleep machine..oh my poor lil cold nose never felt better :-) and it does work dropping a few help immensely in that area. You are such an inspiration to us all :-)

  7. Those pounds are hard to lose. A lot of people do feel funny asking God for help with such nuts-and-bolts things as diets -- our minds are leaving more towards appreciating the BOUNTY of it all -- sometimes I haven't realized I don't have to eat up all the bounty by myself and it's not "bad" to leave some for leftovers!!!

  8. Tabitha,
    So great to read this. I just read an article on how Mindfulness helps us lose weight. That if we all practiced Mindful eating we would cast off many pounds. Maybe you could do a search on that. I do think water is key, tons of eat, eating slowly, savoring each bit, reducing portions (very gradually, so it doesn't send body into deprived mode) and then just a general makeover about our attitude toward food. I like to think of the food I put in my body as fuel. In fact, I had a frig magnet that said that once. "Food is fuel." It helped me stay focused on what I put in my bad as being like gas for me car. Needs to be good quality or I will pay the price-breakdown!

    Celebrating you and your choices, as always. Hugs!

    ps. There is also a book by a Christian author on the God Diet, or something like that...

  9. Tabitha, you can do it! Congrats on making this decision. I'm sure you'll do wonderful.

  10. Girl! That is so great! I am once again, on my journey to losing weight... althought this time, God is at the lead and I am following along. I've walked every day this week except for Monday and boy do I feel great!!! Praying God gives you power, motivation and joy as you continue on.

  11. whenever I have those a-ha moments I feel like I can hear the universe (lovingly) snickering going 'duh, I told you'

    LOL. i totally get it.

  12. I loved reading this. I am one of those people who is on the quest to shed 100 pounds off her frame. Because God made me and I wish to honor his creation.

    It's hard...but I have to say, I've been struggling without asking for help from a Source bigger than me. But, like you, I'm starting today.

    Thank you for being the voice of Spirit for me today.

  13. Congratulations to you! That only recently occurred to me, too!! You can do it! God will help you all the way!

  14. We cannot fool ourselves by doing weightloss thru starvation ~ the body simply slows its metabolism, goes into starvation mode, so to speak.

    Listen to your body ~ eat only if you're hungry, not because of what the clock says. Eat mindfully, attend to each bite. Eat slowly ~ you will feel full faster.

    It took quite some time to accumulate the weight, it will take more time than that to take it off.

    Fibre is great ~ its filling and flushes the cholesterol from your body.

    What a light-bulb moment you had. Can you see me smilin'?

  15. good luck sweet I am sure you will do it! I never dieted and people will tell me you never needed to and possibly its true BUT only coz i do just as the nutritionist suggested you :) so i know it works and i hope you will soon be shedding of the pounds

  16. It takes a strong person to reassess and then add those realizations to your routine. Good job!

  17. With HIS strength we can do this! I started about 5 weeks ago and the journey has been fun so far. yes, it still takes me choosing obedience each day--but I realize God has equipped me with what I need to get healthy and He is with me every step of the way. The blessings of obedience are great!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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