I Choose Bliss #9: Slowing Down (Step1)

I created this by screaming into my mic (:

Simplicity: 1 : the state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded.

I Choose Bliss #9: Slowing Down (Step1)

I invite you to submit a topic in which you may need inspiration with. I try very hard to tackle topics that I am or have gone through, so each episode can be related to. But, I'd also love to share your topics with everyone as well. If you'd like to share a topic, story or maybe a quote, positive affirmation or bible verse with us please submit them via email to ichoosebliss@gmail.com

As always each episode can be heard via your computer or you may download the episode for FREE and add it to your ipod or MP3 player. Feel free to share them with friends and family that may be in need of some inspiration as well!

I Thank You for listening and for ALWAYS giving me such encouraging feedback!!


  1. Hey sweet lady, I have two things for you over on my blog. Come and get them!


    Teresa <><


  2. Tabitha,
    Every person should listen to this particular podcast on slowing down. The rate at which we are living today continues to speed up. manifesting record levels of anxiety, stress and dis-ease in us. You lay out perfectly easy suggestions to begin slowing down. In fact, I chuckled to myself as I listened to them because they were the EXACT steps I began with in the mid-90s when I lost my health and was forced (kicking and screaming!) into slowing down. Eat and walk more slowly. Take baths (yes!). Aromatherapy, and more. Take "breath" breaks. Congrats again on a powerful podcast!

  3. Slowing down, that is what I am forcing myself to work on these coming days. :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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