The Love List Project

Kristin over at Halfway to Normal has started The Love List Project and I truly had to jump on board. I adore taking notice of the things I love and why I love them. So, today it's ALL about love!

- I love how my daughter tickles me just because she wants to hear my snort

- I love that my hubby drives across town while still at work just to check on me

- I love that I had a grandma and grandpa who SHOWED true love and inspired me to be who I am

- I love drinking a hot cup of coffee early in the morning in complete silence

- I love cuddling with my daughter on the sofa as we watch a great Lifetime movie

- I love reading my Bible and feeling comforted

- I love the giddy feeling I get when it gets close to Christmas time

- I love the smiles on the faces of the ladies who we drop the goody bags off to at the hospitals

- I love receiving phone calls from my 3 year old niece who just wants to say I Love You

And the list goes on...


  1. It is all about love!

    I love reading blogs that warm my heart (like this one).

    I love waking up refreshed, with high energy and filled with joy.

    I love everyone who reaches out, letting me know on not-so-joyous days that I'm never alone.

    I love magic, mystery and being part of God's divine plan for this world.

    I love the smell of baked goods in the oven (I'm making brownies as we speak!).

    I love being alive... and in-love with life.

  2. Hi Tabitha!
    I love lists! I love coming by your site to read your latest "uplifting whispers" -- thank you for all the love you put out into the world!

  3. I love that you love so well and so true!!

  4. Now I'm hoping a future podcast will feature one of your famous "snorts"'s making me laugh already...

  5. Tabitha,
    I love this post today! And I love seeing a smiling friend tonight, who recently home from the hospital. Life is wonderful, isn't it! I love being here!!

  6. Hi Tabitha.

    Your list really fills up my soul, especially this one: "I love that I had a grandma and grandpa who SHOWED true love and inspired me to be who I am." That's how I hope I can demonstrate love to my kids and others around me, because it's modeled on how God loves us.

    Thanks for letting me know that you had a post up with your love list!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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