At This Time pt2

holy experience

I have so much to be grateful for in my life and I've joined a beautiful community via A Holy Experience. Every Monday we post the things in which we are grateful for. I love LOVE writing gratitude lists! Something about it just fills my very being with joy.

At This Time I Am Grateful:

1. For the men and women who defend our country
2. That we received 4 packages from OT for our goody bags (all from loving blog friends!)
3. For the delicious meals we have each and every night
4. For my dietitian (she's way cool!)
5. That my hubby and nephew cleaned away all dust from my furniture
6. That I can breathe easily again
7. For delicious watermelon and cantaloupe (Yummy!)
8. For the lessons I have learned recently
9. For my Wishcasting Wednesday Sisters (They are awesome!!)
10. That I know how to read (I love reading blogs & the bible)
11. For the music that makes me shake my butt, which makes me lose my butt (:
12. That I am dancing once again (feels so right)
13. For the Fluer De Lis purse my cousin bought me
14. That my nephew now smiles - EVERYDAY
15. For the strength and humility my aunt displays while fighting cancer
(She's been doing beautifully)

Have A Very Blessed Day
Express Gratitude Often


  1. Tabitha, I'm always so blessed by your thankful heart!! You make me smile!

  2. Yay for a clean house!

  3. Okay, am I going kooky or did you totally redo yer bloggie? Very fresh and lovely looking! I like that left sidebar!

  4. Aren't clean houses, God, good friends, and a hot purse empowering?
    The simple pleasures in a Mommy's life!:)

    p.s We`are on a fruit binge at my house too. YUM! Better than candy!

  5. What an incredible list, and boy I was happy reading so many of the things you're grateful for. You really know how to show your appreciation, Tabitha, and you inspire me to do the same. It's not just big things, it's little things, too, that make life so worth living.

    Joy & love to you!

  6. Oh! These are great reminders for me too... I'm smiling about #11... I need to get up and DANCE too!
    Prayers for your aunt, our soldiers and our families...
    Giving thanks with you today,
    All the best ~ Maria

  7. A great list Tabitha - oh, and I love the name of your blog - so perfect.
    Oh, and I'd better get dancing!

  8. Ooh, I love number 5-- there's just nothing like wonderful helpers!!

    Have a blessed holiday~

  9. Great post as always! And I love the new look!!!!

  10. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog because I'm loving yours.
    Your list is beautiful and shows you have such a beautiful and grateful heart.

    I will be back to visit soon. :)

  11. I am grateful to have found your site and your podcasts. I am grateful you are a soulful woman following your Faith to enlighten and uplift others. I am grateful for the gift of living where we can express ourselves and share our beliefs freely. I am grateful for this day and all the joys it brought. I am grateful... Lovely post, and podcasts. Thank you for sharing your Blissful soul. Blessings to you and your family. And healing prayers go up for your Aunt and all those that need God's Healing Power and Grace. Love and Light, Nina P.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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