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Taken from my journal on Friday, September 25, 2009

I haven’t journaled in a few days, but wonderful things have been going on in my world! First, I want to express the love and inspiration I am feeling at this very moment! I sat with a lit candle and watched the light flicker for 15 minutes all the while chanting Jesus-love-peace and joy within my head. I can NOT fully express the peace I felt in doing this. The calm and relaxation, which invaded my body and mind, was completely awe-inspiring. Thanks to another beautiful soul Christine (BlissChick) I now have a new way of meditating and it feels fabulous!! After the first 7 minutes I noticed my breathing had changed and my body FULLY relaxed! Whenever a thought invaded my head I’d simply shhh'd it and continued my inward chanting. Yahoo! It felt great!

As I mentioned earlier wonderful things have happened to me and I simply can NOT go another moment without expressing my gratitude for them.

*Christine of Soul Aperture is holding a pay-it-forward. She chose 5 readers to receive happy mail from her an in return they must do the same. I was one of those blessed 5! I can’t wait until it’s my turn to send out happy mail!

* This weekend was spend doodling, painting and putting together "Uplifting Mail" with Princess Charlie - Heaven!

*After being introduced to Mia’s mom I put out a call for help to make her smile and SO MANY kindhearted people responded! I am beyond grateful for this response.

* My beautiful friend Evon sent a BIG box of goodies our way via OT for the kids we uplift. My gorgeous friend Jaz is also sending a package of goodies via OT for our adults we uplift AND she’s sending two boxes of Avon items for the women we uplift! They are Angels!

*I’ve been blessed with a beautiful family who allows me to be me. I never have to pretend to be something I’m not with them. They give me the type of love that you both see and feel. For this I am MOST Grateful for.

* I’m DEEPLY grateful that hubby and I haven’t had to stress over how we are going to place food within our home. God has provided beautifully. He did even when we were flat broke a few years back. It was a struggle, but God always made a way. He still does and we don't have to fear that any longer.

It has been a very blessed time and with each new day I grow stronger, wiser and ridiculously grateful to my Father above. Without Him these moments would not be.

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  1. I love reading your Monday gratitude lists and this was no exception. I always feel more grateful for things in my own life after I see your words. Thank you, Tabitha. Your comment about how your family lets you be you really touched my heart. (smile)

    Happy Monday!

  2. Being able to express our deepest gratitude makes the gifts we receive that much more meaningful and rich. You show how to do this so beautifully Tabitha.

  3. Glad you found a way of meditating that works for you. Watching the dancing and dipping candle flame sounds so nice!

  4. And dear one, we are in turn, blessed to our cores by you. Thank you for a heart felt post, and sharing your heart with us~

  5. I am glad every thing is going so well. One of my favorite scriptures is Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." You are trusting in Him and he is leading you to where you need to be and blessing you along the way!! How exciting!!!

  6. A very blessed list!

    Oh, and your blog is beautiful - love the background!

  7. Thank you for your comment, Tabitha! Your gratitude list is inspiring :)

  8. God does provide and so perfectly as needed~
    You have a beautiful heart <3

  9. what beautiful, gratitude, fills this post. ; )

  10. I love that I can feel your happiness of all the things you have to be grateful for when reading this post.

  11. Tabitha, you have a beautiful sight and beautiful spirit. Thanks for visiting and leaving a note.

  12. You are truly inspirational! Thanks for sharing once again!

  13. You seem to be grateful for plenty and i admire that. You blog post has increase my ora of gratitude tremendously, keep doing you think girl!


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