Totally Thankful Tuesday

Everyday I have tons to be thankful for, but today is just a bit more precious. The events which took place this weekend were awesome! I placed a very simple wish out there (two to be exact) and both have come true!

Wish #1: I wished that for my birthday I could have ice cream and cake with my immediate family. When I arrived in New Orleans and reached my mother's home there was a beautiful "Buttery Vanilla" birthday cake (that my mom got for me)! Along with a home cooked meal, my two sisters and all 8 of their kids. Everyone sang happy birthday to me and I felt like a loved child!

This beautiful creation was made for me by the lovely Penniwig@Penniwig's. I can not describe just how joy filled this made me!! Thank You Penni!!

There were so many moments to be thankful for this weekend, but this post would never end if I list them all. :) For now I just want to convey how ginormous my joy truly is.

I'm Thankful that we made it to and from New Orleans safely.
I'm Thankful for the 8 hours of laughter and giggles and snoring I shared with Princess Charlie in the back seat.
I'm Thankful for the new body who has taken residency within our home (my 15 y/o nephew T)
I'm Thankful for the beautiful necklace given to me in remembrance of my cousin Michelle (passed 4/09)
I'm Thankful for the beautiful logo, banner and business cards created for our family mission by Julia@Share World Love
I'm Thankful that I was able to go food shopping in N.O. for items I love, but are NOT sold in SA.


I'm Thankful for receiving this loving gift from Jan @ Awake is Good
How Sweet is This!!! Thank You Jan!!

Wish #2: I wished that my podcast would be heard by many and YOU ALL answered my wish!! Over the weekend all three episodes have been listened to a total of 336 times!! That makes my heart race!!!

Blessings To All!


  1. I love your gratitude blog! I went to a Happiness Workshop recently, and the tutor was telling us about actual research that had been carried out to find out what makes people feel happy in their lives. One of the things she recommended was to practice gratitude. Just like you do! ♥

  2. Oh my..gonna pick on you now..LOL honey it was a hard trip today is only Tuesday..

    Beautiful Post, so happy you had a wonderful birthday. Sounds like a wonderful meal and delicious cake.

    Have a wonderful day... what ever day you want to call it is just fine!

  3. are sooo loved! i am so happy that you were loved on for your bday...and so sorry i missed that! what super fun little things...and ur podcast is gonna change lives, lady! it's gonna change lives.

  4. Oh Tabitha..I am soooo very pleased taht you got those wishes!! How wonderful to have your Mama bake you that delicious cake. I miss mine - Mama that is. Sounds like heaven on a plate.
    Your second podcast was as wonderful as the first..I was one of those many blessed souls who enjoyed your voice of velvet and words of wisdom.
    Hugs to you hon, Sarah

  5. Well happy birthday sweet friend! I pray you had just the best time.

    May God bless you abundantly this week!

  6. A late "Happy Birthday" to you. And loving wishes for a happy EVERYday. . . thank you for spilling over such boundless gratitude. My sweet mom always told us to have a "gratitude attitude"--more and more I realize she was telling us to not just rattle off a few things we were grateful for, but to adopt a whole way of just greeting each day, each moment, with a "thank You, God" frame of mind. Tabitha, you certainly model that approach for all of us. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. I stopped by from SITS to say hello and now I get to wish you a happy birthday, too!

    It's wonderful to see someone so full of gratitude and I thank you for letting me stop by.

  8. hey where is totally thankful thursday...LOL

  9. So sweet! That cake sounds divine!

    Thankful is a good place to be.

    I love this.

  10. Tabitha...good for you! And, good for us that you are here.

  11. My birthday was on Saturday too! Glad to hear all is well.

  12. Oh, I am totally thankful to have found your blog! What an angel you are!

    I just started my new blog recently and I would love to use this idea on mine to list out the things I'm thankful for instead of letting satan keep encouraging me to focus on all the things that are going wrong! It is SOOO hard sometimes to not do that, you know???

    Well, I hope you have a fantastic evening. Happy Belated Birthday!


    Teresa <><

  13. Happy belated Birthday Tabitha! I am SO glad you had such a great day. You absolutely deserve it.

    Hope you are continuing to have a wonderful week of celebration!

    and BTW...I am working on a follow up posting to my "What are you Contributing" post on 'Round the Kitchen Table....and it, my dear, will be all about YOU...and your amazing work.


  14. Great post, and I love your spiritual to-do list. I may adopt it.

  15. Oh, Tabitha, I am glad you received the book in time to feel like a birthday present. Enjoy! It did remind me of you. :-) So glad your b'day was extra special. We all deserve to be celebrated! xo

  16. your pod casts are really soothing, keep up the wonderful work :)

  17. It sounds like you ARE a loved child!

  18. Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments :) and yes our life is full of thankful thoughts if only we stop and think about it

  19. Wow that's a lot of people that listened in!!!!

    Happy Birthday!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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