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It's a brand new week and I have much to be grateful for. I am counting my blessings and I hope you'll join along!

I'm grateful that although he's a boy he loves Princess Charlie enough to allow her to place ribbon in his hair for a quick picture. He even posed! Too funny!

I have always suffered with back issues (scoliosis) and dear hubby purchased a brand new massage chair and foot massaging machine for me this weekend. He said "If I'm going to pamper you I might as well go all the way." I'm so grateful for this man!!!

This beautiful Angel survived Katrina as well and everytime I look at her I know everything will be okay. I'm deeply grateful for that message she gives. :)

I'm grateful for the heartfelt laughter my nephew brings into this home of ours.

I'm grateful for this pretty new journal!
I have so much to say and so many more things in which to be grateful for.
I can write them down and one day maybe my Grand-kids will read it.

I'm grateful Princess Charlie put these goodies together for the kiddies in Methodist Children's Hospital.

I'm grateful for the love and support I receive daily within my home.
I'm grateful that I can hear when my puppy son barks and wakes me up at 7:20 on a Saturday morning.
I'm grateful for God's love and guidance
I'm grateful to end this post knowing I still have much more to be grateful for :o)


  1. Cute furbaby! What an amazing daughter you have.

  2. I'm grateful to have a wonderful family and some great friends

    I'm grateful that I have an abundance of breast milk to provide my son with his best start in life

    I'm grateful of this new day given to us full of sun.

    i'm grateful that I have work and soooo much more!

  3. What a beautiful list, and one that makes me grateful I can read! Your husband is a doll; what a wonderful gift! And that angel... I swear she looks like she would start talking if given the prompt.

    Have a perfect day today, and keep shining that gorgeous light of yours!

  4. That is a great list of thanksgivings. :o) What a sweet hubby to get you some massaging equipment.

    Bless you today!

  5. Thanks for that particular shot of your Katrina surviving angel. One day, I'll want to hear more about that experience...wow.

  6. Tabitha,
    I am overjoyed that you are overjoyed! Joy, as you know, is contagious--as is gratitude.

    Today I am grateful for a day absolutely full of things I love to do: Writing. Gardening. Spiritual Direction with a lovely other in my home. Preparing to be a guest at Brandi's blog on Wednesday. Spending the evening with my ever-wonderful hubby. Fixing a cold pasta salad for dinner. The sun is shining and it is full-blown summer here, finally!, which I love, love, love. Maybe a dip in the lake.

    Sun always makes me happy, as does reading your blog, my sweet companion of the journey...

  7. What a great moment of thanksgiving! I am thankful for the ability to simply BE.

  8. I'm grateful for all the cyber sisters in Christ!

  9. Based on the title of your blog I have a query. Do you read Joseph Campbell? BTW, I too, love Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen.

  10. I'm grateful that God provides, that God never abandones nor forakes, that God knows my dreams, that God has a plan for each of my sons, that God guides my husband, that God knows what tomorrow will bring so I don't have to worry but trust.

    Thanks for sharing and encouraging us to think about what we're grateful for.

    Have a blessed day!

  11. I'm grateful for a Father who always knows what His children need, even when they don't voice it.

  12. Yaya: Thank You!

    Equidae: Thank you for sharing your gratitude list with me!

    Megan: thank you! I feel that way about my Angel as well! Sometimes I wish she could speak to me.

    Beth in NC: Many blessings to you today and everyday!

    Holly: I'll be more than willing to share my family's story about Katrina.

    Jan: Your presence is always a joy one. I'm so grateful for your gentle kindness and I am enjoying your book!

    MOMSWEB: Thank you for visiting :)

    Deborah: thank you for your fellowship on this day. :)

    Strokeofliving: Thank you so much!! I have not read Joseph Campbell, but I'm guessing I will now :)

    Bluecottonmemory: Thank you for sharing your grateful heart with us!!

  13. Joseph Campbell is all about following your bliss in fact as a teacher this quote is what he is known for. Read http://www.jcf.org/new/index.php?categoryid=31

    So I thought he may have been the inspiration behind the title of your blog.

  14. What a precious pup.

    So very much to be grateful for. Today I am especially grateful for the love in my life.


  15. Incredible blog! Look forward to hearing more from you!
    Our Family

  16. Tabitha,
    I am grateful I found your blog.It truly uplifts me and makes me value life more.
    blessings for abundance

  17. I like that you feel you are a gift to yourself, being authentic.
    wise words.

  18. Sarah: What a beautiful thing to have isn't it?

    Our Family: Thank you so much for visiting! I look forward to reading your words as well!

    Sema: You make my heart smile each time you visit. :)

  19. Deb: I am humbled..Blessings

  20. Beutiful hon..I am grateful for you!! Namaste, Sarah

  21. What a sweet, blissful corner of the blogosphere this is! So happy to have found you (through Frantic Mommy).

  22. hehe! love the dog pic! I know the look on his face well. :-)

    I have that same footspa and I looooovvveeee it. what a wonderfully supportive husband you have!

  23. I'm grateful that there are little girls coming up behind me to keep the time-honored tradition of dressing up pets going long after I am gone from this earth :)

    What a darling dog, and like Brandi, I recognize that expression too well!

  24. Cute four-legged kid! I am grateful for my miracle kids, a roof over my head, a good job, health, and an ever-patient hubby.
    Great post tabitha! :)

  25. It is a joy to read your lovely list. I too have scoliosis - so we have that in common!
    Your sweet spirit shines through your writing.

  26. Oh is that your doggie?! He is so adorable. I love him, already. : )
    What a beautiful and light filled post.

  27. How nice is your hubby!!
    To be grateful and pampered you can't ask for much more.

  28. Aww...love your puppy, and I enjoyed reading your grateful list!! I was blessed!

  29. That's pretty catching...we all need to take a moment and just be grateful. If we really think about it, there is so much to be grateful for!

  30. You have such a tender, loving heart. I'm sure everyone touched by you is grateful to have you as a friend.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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