In the Silence

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In The Silence

I hear whispers of "I Love You"
I hear Heavenly reminders that He is with me
I feel strength entering my heart, mind and body
I let go of being a people pleaser
I express gratitude for the support I receive from my blog family
I smile
I am uplifted with a great sense of joy
I am blessed with peace
I regain my footing

Choosing bliss has been an everyday struggle. Most days I am extremely successful, but on some days I slip. I'm grateful that I never completely fall, because I always seem to land gently on the words of YOU my blog family and my Heavenly Father. Today I sat in silence and emerged renewed, strengthened and at complete peace. My steps are planted firmly on the floor and my heart is light once again. Thank You!
Thank you for playing a huge part in my journey. I truly see you all as family. And being that we are all children of God, then in that essence we are most definitely family. :)

Saturday I celebrated my 38th year on this earth. What a ride it has been! But, in all honesty the ride has smoothed significantly these past four years. Even with my loses lessons have been learned, strength has been multiplied and peace? Well, peace has now become my very best friend. Some are afraid to grow older, but I embrace it with open arms. If my Grandmother's life is any indication of what I can look forward to I say "Bring it On!"

I also say "Thank You Lord!"



  1. That is so sweet, and gave me a warm & peaceful feeling as I read it. Thank you, Tabitha, for making this world a gentler, kinder, more loving place.

    Visiting your blog is like going home, where everything feels comfortable. Bless you!

  2. And I say "thank you Lord" also...for our paths crossing. Tabitha, you are such an uplifting person, and I come here and am renewed in life. Know that the words you write and speak touch me deeply.

    And a very happy 38th birthday to you, my friend!

  3. So wonderful your thoughts about the family thing!
    I really feel it the same!

  4. That post fully embodies the spirit of your blog -- absolute bliss.

    Truly beautiful.

  5. Happy Birthday, Tabitha! We are blessed to have you in our lives, touching us in ways that are uniquely yours. You are a beauty and a treasure. Here's to the next 38!

  6. And, all of us who have come to know you hope that you have a year that is as wonderful as you are...even on those days that are not as shiny and bright as we might hope. Have a great week, Tabitha...

  7. Namaste to you! It is all so true :) when I meditate I feel secure, happy and at peace. When I flounder I look at my blog friends and every evening before I sleep I thank the Lord that has given me so much!

  8. Happy belated Birthday Tabby!!! May you and yours be showered with blessings!

    I have missed you so much, but I'm back!

  9. I am so glad I got to wish you happy birthday on the phone..sorry it wasn't in person. Girlfriend that is a hard trip ya'll did in that short of time. I will catch you next ride over.. I might just be sitting on the state line waiting..LOL Happy day to you :-))

  10. Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Tabitha! Have a good week!

  11. Simply beautiful!
    And happy birthday! Every year on this earth is part of the incredible purpose our Father has given each of us! Blessings to you!!!

  12. Oh, happy birthday sweet girl. May you have many, many more.

  13. I love how you contemplate life, how you inspire others to broaden their horizons and stretch the mind. Some words are timeless. Cherish your spirit and loving intentions.

  14. Well, I would say that it is US -- your readers -- who are the ones truly blessed by this relationship. Perhaps you have no idea what a blessing you are! I think I can speak for everyone who stops here, when I say how very wonderful it is to read your words, to be encouraged by your visits. You are a BLESSING!!!!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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