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If you are new to this blog let me welcome you with a huge smile :o)
My goal for I Choose Bliss is to uplift any and everyone who crosses my path and in return I am gently uplifted. This blog started in October 2008 and in June 2009 I launched the I Choose Bliss Podcast. In 60 short days I have been blessed by everyone who has listened to these podcast and by everyone who has submitted something positive for the podcast. You all are encouraging me to fulfill my dreams and in turn I am learning that the blog and podcast has given many of you great strength and comfort. I am deeply grateful and after reading the post in which I am offering you today in my new weekly theme "Blissfully Fridays" a huge question to God was confirmed. Each Friday I will offer you something positive for your soul. I pray that my first offering helps you just as much as it helped me!

I Choose Bliss by FranticMommy

One of the many things I dearly love about blogging is all the fabulous people I get to "meet". I have honestly met some of the coolest. peeps. ever. thanks to my little ol blog.

One of those people is Tabitha from ichoosebliss. Not only does her voice sound like velvet and never fails to sooth this frazzled Mommy's nerves, I love how she thinks. How she writes. How she blesses people.

Plus, she's rubbing off on me :)

How do I know this?
Every Wednesday morning I have a very early morning women's networking group. This meeting is very important to me. I leave it energized and feeling like Superwomen. It also requires me to push my already tight schedule up a half hour. No big deal, but that means I also have two little sleepyheads to try to motivate at the same time. I hate being late and since this is a professional group, I try very hard to never BE late. But as with all little kids, things rarely go as planned and there ends up being a lot of rushing around Wednesday mornings.

But today it hit me. As I barked at my poor half-asleep 6 year old (for the 5th time) to put on his dawned on me. Why am I doing this? What is the WORST that can happen to me by being a few minutes late?
Will I be booted from the group?


Will I look bad in the eyes of the other members (who are all Moms as well)?


The only penalty I could think of was...I'd have to pay a $1 late fee.

A BUCK! One hundred friggin pennies.

That's it.

In that moment I decided from now on I will gladly pay the $1 every week....and NOT spend one morning a week hollering, carrying on, and starting my babies morning off on a bad note .

Thanks Tabitha.


  1. isn't it sad when we realise how many times we get angry over petty things? I too try and think before getting angry so that life is smoother and happier to all that encounter me :)

  2. Now there's an AH HA if I ever heard one! You both are fabulous!

  3. This beautiful post is one more illustration of how, when we bless others, we are blessed in turn.

    Tabitha, what you are doing here touches many of us every day. It's a privilege to read your words and then ruminate on them. Franticmommy's post is just one example of all the many ways you're touching our lives.

    Thank you, Franticmommy, for your sharing and for helping us put things in perspective.

  4. Those great moments! Gotta love 'em.

  5. ohhhhh....what a wonderful reminder...This is great Tabitha...thank you for sharing and passing it along. We are all sometimes a little too caught up in ourselves.

    Peace to you girl!

  6. I had read that post and loved it! It's so true!!!

    Oh...I keep forgetting to email you back. Of course I'd love to give you some insight!

  7. Thank you again Tabitha! You are THE BEST! :)

  8. What positive feed back for you to receive. I think frantic Mommy is correct, you have a wonderfully soothing voice to listen to.

    Life so heretic that we all sometimes forget what it's all about. It nice that you can gently remind us all about the little things.

    For me I've been thinking about something you said on your bop cast about bed time routine and ensuring you don't go to be stressed. This has helped me unwind a little and switch of half an hour before bed time to unwind.

  9. Tabitha I am thrilled to find your blog.

    Renee xoxo

  10. Such a wonderful message in this post...thanks for sharing it with us, Tabitha ~ :)

  11. tabitha-this is a wonderful sharing! I love those realizations too-when I realize I can get out of a mindset that most likely is just an unconscious habit.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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