I Choose Bliss #7: Enjoy The Silence

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I Choose Bliss #7 - I offer you the podcast version of today's post for those who prefer to hear the written word! :)

My nephew T is taking a sign language class this school year. He told me how the teacher asked that everyone refrain from using their voice and only communicate through signing. This intrigued me. Although I can not do sign language I do love silence, so I thought I'd have a day of complete silence. With hubby gone to work and both kids in school I'd have 9 hours of complete quiet within my home. I said NO to television, music and even the telephone. After everyone left I started my day by reading a few psalms, then I meditated for 10 minutes. The meditation alone elated my heart, but combine that with bible reading and journaling and I felt as if I had entered into a divine parallel universe! I love LOVE reading, so I read many wonderful blogs out loud (within my head). Doing this seemed to connect me to the words even more-so than ever before. I was completely aware of my surrounding and my senses seemed to be heightened. the smell of my blueberry scented soy candle filled the room and I became inspired. Inspired to share my experience with you. With anyone who would hear me out. In the complete silence of my home I felt God. I found inspiration and peace. I found like-minded sisters who aren't afraid to speak of their love for God. Like-minded sisters who embrace their passion for art and words with reckless abandon. Today, in the sweet silence within my home
I embraced Joy.

Today I Am Grateful: *For a loving experience. *For the inspiration from T. *For the inspiration from many wonderful blog writers. *For the ability to see, hear, smell and if I choose to speak. *For sweet possibilities and lessons learned. *For peace and joy. *For a brand new day. *For the chance to be alone, to miss my family and to anticipate their return.


  1. Silence can be such a beautiful thing to experience. I love my silent times when I can reflect on life. I often just sit by the window and think for hours about my children, friends, etc. I always have enjoyed silence.

  2. Tabitha:
    I didn't think of it, but like you, I do read things 'outloud' so I can hear each blogger's unique voice. I like to imagine that I'd recognize them if I 'heard' them in real time.

    Finding joy hiding out in silence? Oh my, that gave me shivers and I'll be walking around with that one for a long time.

    Enjoy your quiet day, Dear One.

  3. Good morning sweet Tabitha, you are such an inspiration to me, I love to set in silence and just listen to the voice of God through his sounds of nature, the birds singing the crickets chripping , listen real close and you will hear the glass and trees whispering in the breeze.
    Have a Blessed day my friend.

  4. Ohhh, I love it when God shows up in my silence...chills...

    Just wanted to invite you to join my blog - In a few weeks I'm hosting a contest for all my followers, should be fun!


  5. I do sign language but to Encourage speech not to inhibit it. We always talk and sign to help being understood. If you notice in sign language you never sign over your mouth. The very reason for this is to speak at the same time and for the other person to see the the movements your makes when creating sounds and words.

    My end goal is to have my son speak and be understood but in the mean time signing is beneficial as it makes understanding his needs and wants much easier and reduces his frustrations.

    As much as I love silence I have to encourage every noise he makes.

    So many people take speech for granted it's an interesting experimental your nephews teach has set.

  6. I too embrace silence...as much as I like to talk:) I have to remind myself at times just how much I NEED silence in my day...silence to hear:)

    What a beautiful post you've put together here...such a perfect reminder! You KNOW I love these lists...they are just such reflections of your thankful heart!

    peace tabitha!!

  7. I love reading your posts. They seem to put the whole world in perspective for me.

    silence...allows me to hear God's whispers.

    Come enter my contest, Tabitha!

  8. Hi Tabitha!
    I love how you really experienced the silence. How wonderful! What a gift to yourself and a glorious way to spend a day! Thank you for sharing it and inspiring us.

  9. There is so much volume sometimes in the silence with God. I was blessed here today!

  10. What a beautiful podcast, and I loved the Gandhi quote. Thank you for sharing it. Silence is delicious and oh-so-very clarifying.

    Your voice is so sweet and clear, too; I love how you spread your positive energy throughout the world.

    With joy & love ~ Megan

  11. Wonderful post, Tabitha. You have proved the truth of one of my favorite Bible verses: Be still, and know that I am God.

    And I love the new picture of you!!

  12. Thanks for stopping by the Cafe today... You are right...we are equipped for anything with God :)

  13. Silence is something that many people don't get to experience too often in this golden age of technology. That's a pretty cool experiment though...I don't get too much silence. I like to have some kind of background noise going...but maybe it would help for everything to be quiet sometimes.

    Great post!

  14. I love silence. It's so fabulous and rewarding. I don't get much of it with my two little people in the house!

  15. Wow. Silence. "sounds" wonderful.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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