I Choose Bliss #6

I Choose Bliss Podcast #6 (Featuring "Greet Yourself With Love" by Dani@positivelypresent.com)

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I invite you all to sit with a cup of tea or coffee and join me in giving ourselves another dose of Loving-Kindness. This episode is the follow-up to the topic of self-love. I hope after hearing it you will find peace in being who you are meant to be.

I give complete permission for any who wishes to forward the link to the podcast(s) to anyone you feel may benefit from them. These are created with love for all to hear.


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I Can Live With There Being No:


But I Can NOT Live With There Being No:


What Can You NOT Live Without Today?


  1. Check this out, there is a surprise for you ;)


  2. Lovely Tabitha, that looks like a hidden cove in New Orleans..you know what I am talking about..the ones with the best food...ooooh I need a New Orleans trip fix!

  3. your posts are always so inspiring! I love how happy & joy filled you are :)

  4. Hi Tabitha,

    Dropping in to say hello. I tell you, each time I visit your blog it leaves me with a smile and a big dose of inspiration.Hope and pray all is well.


  5. Unfortunetly, I am too tired to listen tonight...I don't want to fall asleep while hearing. So, I will be back tomorrow to listen and mediate on what is said.

    Thanks girl, for all that you do to bring some peace and joy into others lives.

  6. I love coming to your site even though I'm not good at commenting. You definitely inspire me!

  7. I can not live without contentment. A moment or two when I'm at peace with things just as they are righ here, right now.

    Thanks for the pod cast!

  8. I will have to check your podcast out! By the response, they must be very inspirational! BTW, I love your 10 Commandments!

  9. In response to what I can not live without (today or any other day): laughter, love, compassion and understanding, sleep (ohhh, it gets ugly if I don't sleep!), friends new & old, close & far... There's so much more, but I'll leave it at those.

    Love & joy to you!

  10. Hi Tabitha!! I always love reading your lists. They make me smile. And I will have to agree w/ the list that you can live without!!

  11. Hi Tabitha, I'm stopping by from Through Him All Things Are Possible!

    This is beautiful, thanks for sharing...I think I'm going to love your blog here!

    God bless!

  12. I agree with your list. I can't live without any of those things either!

    Blessings to you my Sister,

  13. I am so glad that you are sharing yourself, with us. It is a true blessing.

    I am leaning on my faith this week. My son is afraid of some test he must have, which means I am afraid. Through prayer~ we will be just fine.
    Love ya, sis.

  14. I think I've discussed this with you before...but I just am finding it so hard to truly love myself when I look in the mirror. All I see is my brother's nose which makes me think I look like my brother (the one who sexually abused me). I just can't look past it. I've even thought about plastic surgery and I hate surgery and I hate vain people who get surgery. But I am just having growing resentment about my appearance.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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