A Grateful Heart = An Abundant Life

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Yesterday was rough on me. The enemy was out to steal my joy and sadly he won. But, I did recognize what had happened and fought hard to turn things back around in my favor. The enemy kept telling me that what I'm doing for the the ill children was nothing and my shows would go no where. I haven't cried this much in so long. My ribs literally hurt as if they were fractured. I KNOW his words are LIES! Today is a new day and I refuse to let that scoundrel get to me again. Even through his wickedness I still find things to be grateful for!

I'm Grateful For:

Hot coffee (a first for me) - Waffles - Expressing Love and Receiving it - Watching the clouds - My silk pajamas - Fluffy slippers - Ice cream sandwiches - Meditating - Sincere words - Powdered Donuts - Encouraging others - The sound of rain
A warm breeze - Acts of kindness - Soft music caressing my soul - Grandparents - Sunsets - Clear Messages - Crooked Paths - Sitting by the pool in silence - A clean home - Nieces and nephews - Huge moonlit nights

...and the list continues

If you are having times of struggle please know that you are not alone. Stand strong and know who you are! You are a child of The Most High and no weapon formed against you shall ever prosper.



  1. I understand struggle... Hang in there...you have much to be grateful for. The enemy is much weaker than you!

  2. You're quite right, I too have some not so pleasant days right now.
    So I continue your list: I'm grateful for nice comments, books, that I am able to express myself in two languages, my daughter, art, journals, a warm breeze, butterflies, my wonderful bed with my camel hair blanket, stillness, my sewing machine, "Gifts from the sea" (by A. Morrow Lindbergh) and tomatoes.

    A hug from LaWendula

  3. I can't know how far your words of encouragement will go, or if you will be recognized by millions for the blessed work you do...

    But, I promise you this...you make a difference to me so I thank you. I know I'm not the only one...

  4. Kristen: I humbly thank you.

    Caroline: I know that you understand dear friend and I'm so grateful for your words.

    Lawendula: Thank you for sharing your gratitude with me. It strengthens us both. :o)

    Holly: It is not my desire to ever become famous. I only desire to make a difference. With all of my heart I appreciate you telling me that I make a difference to you. If I just help 5 people, then I have done what was asked of me. Hugs to You

  5. Namaste.

    What a beautiful post ...

    I'm going to bed on a cold full moon night...now.

    Have a gorgeous day up there on the topside of the world!

  6. Tabitha, I don't know who the enemy was but I am going to assume that you are doing more to change the world than he is.

    His negative attitude is not wanted or not needed and will not result in any good doing unlike your show.

    You can only change the world one person at a time and you are making people aware of how they can help others. That is a great thing to. Keep it up.

  7. You have a great blog! I really enjoy it. Stopping by from SITS and hope you have a great day!

  8. Tabitha -- NEVER doubt that you are making a difference. You are doing it in ways you will never even begin to realize.

    You're inspiring new spirit jumpers (me)...you get people to think differently about things...and those people in turn inspire others, who inspire others, who inspire others.....
    so please don't underestimate the ripple effect of your amazing work.

    Thank you, though, for sharing your struggles -- because the truth is, we all struggle at times. The burden is lighter when shared...and in exposing your vulnerabilities (and the gracious way you handle adversity), you continue to inspire.

    you are blessed my friend....and a blessing. :)

  9. You've got it, though. When joy stealers come, cry a little, then count your blessings. Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings, see what God has done.

  10. Sarah Lulu: Have a restful sleep beautiful one!

    Liss: I can not begin to thank you enough for your words. It just solidifies that their are indeed Angels on earth. :o)
    PS. The enemy is satan

    Jessica and Michael: Thank you for the visit and wonderful compliment!!

    Lauren: I have this huge lump in my throat. I'm SO deeply grateful for your friendship! Thank you! Thank you!

  11. I love your grateful list especiall 'crooked paths'! I have never thought about that before but it is exciting not knowing what is just around the corner!

  12. Tabitha...the next time you are in doubt...email me..because I will remind you what an amazing soul you are. Not only with all you do for kiddos - which you know is dear to my heart..but for us here..for me! Whenever I feel down and discouraged..you dear Tabitha lift me up with gentle words and hugs!! You are a huge blessing in my life!! So..smile hon and know - you are loved and valued not just for the things you do..but for the wonderful amazing person that you are!!
    Namaste, Sarah

  13. Faith Imagined: Thank you ever so much for blessing me with a visit!

    Sarah: You were sent by God and I humbly and lovingly thank you!

  14. Tabitha, you are making a difference. You are. Never ever doubt that. Your words reach so many people that need them. And each day you make a difference in my life by providing inspiration and a reminder that we are all special.Thank you.

    Love and blessings to you. xx

  15. Sara: You are so sweet and kind. I am so grateful for your words. :o)

  16. This was so lovely! And, just what I needed to read this morning. Thank you - for courage and inspriation this cold, grey morning.

  17. oh honey, you fill this world with light. You are truly a beneficial and beautiful presence in the world. The enemy lies.

  18. Know that we are with you 100%. I listen to the podcast - heck, I love listening to it! I'm at work sitting behind a computer and it can be draining but I love reading the blog because it grounds me spiritually. Next time, when someone says that about what you do, As Dr. Wayne Dyer would say: What you think of me is non of my business. Here's a great site that you can listen radio online: Hayhouseradio.com

    Have a FANTASTIC day!

    Sharing the love,


  19. Gracious, Tabby, you've been through the wringer! Sad thoughts and doubts just swarming on you...I think you did right to fight them, it's no use ignoring them, that just lets them sneak in underfoot...EVERYTHING starts slow, takes time...sure, the flash-in-the-pan stuff can shake anyone -- those things that just seem to explode on the scene, totally successful -- but it's the TURTLE that wins the race, not the hare.

    A person could build a big ol' house 3 stories high in a couple of days, but it would fall, as it was built on pillars of sand and popsicle sticks...you are building a ministry, building a group, and that takes time, that's like building with stone, it takes a long while but nothing can knock it down once built.

    Hang in there.

  20. Hi Tabitha,
    I hope that today was better for you and I am sorry to hear about yesterday. This happens to me sometimes, too. I don't know why when we're moving along feeling very good about ourselves and our circumstances, we have a day like the one you had. Is this our ego trying to bring us down a notch? Is it our ego trying to edge God out? I don't know. But I admire you for trying to find solace in the little things. Your gratitude list rocks. Blessings to you!! xoxo.

    P.S. I am also grateful for waffles and powdered donuts! :)

  21. I send you love and light, my friend.

  22. Tabitha,
    I am so sorry you had to experience such a day. Perhaps it made you even more determined? Oh, that nasty ego. One of my first mentors, Frank, called this a unwelcome visitor a "dream stealer." And sometimes they can be actual people too.

    I like to think that ego flare ups help us see parts of ourselves that we are ready to release. Self-doubt perhaps? Maybe it's time to let that one go for good so you can SHINE ON! Though you are pretty bright already. Perhaps your star is ready to morph into super nova status. How fun would that be!

    Rest assured you do make a difference in so many lives. I know you have made a difference in mine. Carry on! Believe, breathe, and be well!

  23. Tabitha, you are so truly wonderful. I just listened to your podcasts. Wow. Keep up the good work my friend. I plan to check out Make A Child Smile tomorrow. Peace.

  24. I know how you feel! It's a battle now; I just keep speaking faith. Two steps forward one step back.

    Your post is an inspiration, an encouragement! Letting me know that I have it right, I just need to keep holding on:)Thanks!

  25. Dear Sweet Tabitha,

    You are such a strong woman of the Lord! No wonder Satan is all over you, trying to bring you down. He knows you are shining bright for our Lord and he is doing everything in his power to knock you to your feet. But you are not going to let that happen! You just keep proclaiming the name of Jesus and step on that big liar every chance you get, girlfriend! Our God is an awesome God and He is so faithful!

    You WILL get that facility built and I believe that it is going to be BIG and it is going to be BEAUTIFUL! There are going to be many, many lives of women and children changed through your ministry. What a glorious day that will be! I will be praying for you and for it starting right now. For now, just keep looking up!

    Much Love, Blessings AND Bliss,

    Teresa <><


  26. blrssings to you...om shanti!

    i to had some bad days which i expressed in a poem ....so im thankful for the different ways i can express myself, my son sleeping on me, the stillness that is surrounding me


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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