A Dark Cloak Has Surrounded Me

Today seems hard on me. I can't fully explain why, but my heart is EXTREMELY heavy. I know things will feel better tomorrow, but for now I will allow myself to just feel what I feel until it subsides. I truly dislike feeling this way. I know this world is full of good people. I just can't seem to see them today.

Sorry for the gloomy post, but it's how I feel and if I'm nothing else I am above all - Honest.

Have A Blessed Weekend


  1. Tabitha, it's o.k. to go with your feelings. You're a sweet, beautiful soul. I wish you much happiness soon. Hugs.

  2. Oh Tabitha..I am sending hugs to you do you feel them hon!!! I have days like that too and I am a very "up" person. Sometimes I think our natural "upside" needs a little break. I usually use those days as an excuse to watch a tear jerking movie..like "P.S. I love you" or "Steel Magnolias"..having a good cry seems to pull me out of my sadness.
    You are not alone hon...sending calming energy to you.
    Namaste and love, Sarah

  3. Hi Tabitha, I know I'm new to your blog but I just want you to know that I understand where you are and I'll be praying that you're feeling more like yourself soon! I was having that kind of a day too, I'm very tired and Satan loves to prey on me when I am tired. I simply asked God to fill me with His Spirit and commanded the evil one to leave me in the name of Jesus. I still can't say it's a perfect day...but I don't have the horrible gloom I had earlier. So, give it to God...there is nothing that we bring Him that is too hard to handle!

    God bless and feel better soon!

  4. IMHO it is being honest on days like this about how you feel that ultimately helps you let it go and let the joy back in.

    In the meantime, big hug to you, and treat yourself very gently. (Ice cream and trash tv? whatever your indulgence is, indulge.)

  5. I say soft Praise and Worship music while you soak in the tub... and if you wouldn't mind, really do it. I can't take a nice soak because I'm too tall for our tub. *sigh* Oh, what it must be like to soak in steaming hot Calgon filled water.

    Yeah, girl... go have you a soak for you and me.;-)

  6. oh honey I am sorry, big {hugs} and prayers. Anything I can do I will be happy too, but it is okay to be human and it's okay to have a a bad day. love you!

  7. Bless your sweet heart. I am thinking about you and praying that tomorrow will be a better day.


    Teresa <><


  8. Hang in there, my friend, and always remember that our God loves you very much, the ultimate love. And that doesn't change no matter how you feel. He's always there...

  9. Praise God for the valley moments; they make us appreciate the mountain highs even more!

  10. Hi Tabitha, when I just saw your post..I cried. You and I are like twins for I am having the exactly the same sort of day. I am tired, wrung out, and incredibly sad. I should have been wearing boots today for as often as I "stepped in it". *sigh*.
    Funny thing was, I was pickin around on the internet tonight, looking for something to cheer me up. I went to my blog. I love my bloggy friends. And as I scrolled down the post I thought "oh yeah! TABITHA! I could used to hear Tabitha's velvet voice right now".
    so here I is.
    This too will pass my friend. Cry on my shoulder and I will cry on yours. Off to listen to one of your podcasts to lift me up. :)

  11. I pray for your dark cloud to go away and a sunny weekend in your heart.

  12. Miss T~
    Feelings aren't facts, they're feelings. They can't be argued. Don't require justification. Don't really need to be understood by others.

    You feel it until you don't feel it anymore. And then you'll be feeling something else that seems richer and better to you.

    No ups without downs. Part of the ride. And, we respect you for sharing your downs with us because you so freely share your ups.

  13. I've been struggling too... I am praying for you. May God send you beautiful rainbows following your storm.

  14. My beautiful friend,

    I want you to go to Youtube and watch the following:


    You are an amazing, wonderful, beautiful human being...

    The clouds will pass... Love is on the way! Its all around you!


  15. Hi Tabitha,

    I just wanted to let you know that angels are surrounding you holding you. You will fly again. You will fly.

    God is working it out.

    Sending love to you my friend.

  16. M'dear...I think you are wise to "feel what you feel." It could be the long summer wearing on you, maybe the misery that is always front and center on the news...honey, it may be PTSD...from the hurricane...you know the one...

  17. Oh Tabitha: I hope this feeling subsides soon and the sun shines for you again tomorrow.

  18. dark night of the soul... it hits all creative, soulfull women at various times... go with it, close your eyes and see a candle in your heart chakra and sit with that... it is your soul light and can never be extinguished.

    when I feel like this, I gather as many candles as I can, light them and sit. nurture yourself xoxo

  19. we are allowed days to wallow :) nothing that cant be remedied with the simple things mentioned already....blessing and hugs your way

  20. Sweet Tabitha,

    When we do God's work, it can be exhausting. When we get tired, our energy level drops. This opens us up to all kinds of negativity.

    It is good that you are wise enough to stop for a moment and regroup. When I get this way, I picture myself as a child climbing up onto the Creator's lap. I snuggle in and feel the Peace and Love flowing through my body. It may seem silly, but it works for me. Once I feel filled up again, off I go to continue the work.

    You are a beautiful, bright Light...God's Light. Continue to be gentle with yourself and allow your amazing spirit to be refilled, renewed and rejuvenated.

    With Love and Peace, Linda

  21. I have days like that too.


    Love you!

  22. Oh TAbitha, your sweet and honest comments led to all these lovely and uplifting responses. Your honesy led the way for so many wonderful thoughts to be shared.

    Truly, God is holding you in the palm of His hand. He is your calm in the storm.

    I'm adding my voice to the chorus of love coming your way.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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