They're Growing So Fast!

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1. Today marks the first day of school for Princess Charlie and T. Both are entering into the 9th grade and both are extremely excited. Although, I am excited I am also sort of sad. But grateful that they have made it this far successfully. They are growing so fast and time is just speeding by. As many of you know we had been discussing adopting a child for awhile now. It was placed upon our hearts heavily, but we had no idea where to begin. A situation had been brewing within my baby sister's home for over two years and it finally became clear what she needed to do to help her son. On Aug 19th we legally became T's guardians. It had been in the works for a few months now and became official this past Wednesday. All three of us (PC, Hubby and I) are so joyful to have him in our home permanently!

We are all on a new journey. We now have our second child we desired. PC now has the big brother she wished for. My sister has given her son a second chance at life and she's at peace. God is in control and as long as I know this I know we'll be just fine.

8/24 - 1st day of High School!

2. On Saturday PC and I spent the day pampering ourselves. We exfoliated our faces, PC did our hair, we ate a loving lunch together while we enjoyed "The First Wives Club." We laughed at each others goofy jokes while expressing love for one another very often. I enjoy my baby! I love everything about her and I love that she sincerely wants to hang out with her mom! I'm a blessed woman and I couldn't be happier. :)

My Gratitude Cup Overflows ~ Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. What wonderful, exciting news my sister,

    Sending the light of love to surround you and your most precious family,

    Love and light, M

  2. My gosh, that's so beautiful about you and your daughter - the time you spend together and the bond you share. I'm also so happy to read about your nephew becoming a permanent part of your home. I felt warm and secure as I read this post; a perfect start to my Monday. Thank you, Tabitha!
    Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  3. What a Glorious way to expand your family. Congratulations! Going back to school already... the summer seems to have flown by. Blessings to you and all of your family for a great first day back at school; For your entire new family; and for the wonderful relationships between mothers and daughters. You are truly Blessed and watched over by God's Love and Grace. Love and Light, Nina P.

  4. Giving Thanks with you this morning~
    Enjoy all the moments, all the joy with all of your family ~
    all the best to you ~ Maria

  5. Oh, Tabitha, the time does fly by so fast. I am so happy your family has expanded, he is in wonderful hands and now walks in the faith you portray. Wonderful and have a great day honey.

  6. Tabitha:
    One day, perhaps not on a blog which is so public, I may tell you the story of my half brother and his life.

    Let me just say it to you this way...he's a wonderful man. Wonderful. I simply wish that he had had someone like you and your hubby who would have taken him in instead of throwing him into the foster care system.

    He's a glorious man who walked out better on the other side of his challenges. But, you are giving your nephew a wonderful gift. And, I believe he will return that to you a hundred fold.

    Bravo to your family.

    Love & Light

  7. Thrilled with you about your new family member--God's riches blessings upon your "new" family. Dianne

  8. Such love. Such opportunity. Such a blessing you are to one another. Makes my heart happy for all of you. And yes, they do grow much too quickly!!! Savour every moment!

  9. I love your heart -- it SPILLS OVER with gratitude. Blessings ...

  10. Tabitha,
    Congratulations on your guardianship. What a gift you are giving both your sister and your nephew. And now a boy Brother) to companion your daughter. Wonderful! May all of you continue to flourish and be blessed! xo

  11. congrats to the new addition :) I am sure it will be a nice exciting journey :) blessings from malta

  12. That is fantastic news! A new permanent family member, now both a daughter and a son, what wonderful luck for everyone involved.

    Yes, the kids grow up too fast...high school now, then they are thinking they are grown and flying the coop...*sigh*

  13. What exciting news! We will be praying that all goes well on this journey of yours.

    "My baby", has entered Kindergarten this year...not quite as far down the road as yours, but a milestone that still shows me how quickly they grow up. Seems just yesterday she was being placed in my arms.

  14. Oh Tabitha how wonderful!!! What you are doing is a joy and a challenge!! This I know well!!! Bless you for making a space in your sweet family for T!!!
    So glad ya did the Mama/daughter date - how fun is that!!! I love those!!
    Hugs hon...I don't care how old they is hard to let them go off! Congrats to them both!!! Congrats to you for getting PC there with such grace!!
    Hugs hugs, Sarah

  15. Congratulations on your second child. It's wonderful that you are able and willing to give this gift to both T and your sister. Also amazing that PC wants to hang out with you. Sounds like you both enjoyed every minute !

  16. What a tender loving way for your family to expand.

    In the picture, is that T and PC? If so, she looks just like you!! Beautiful!

  17. Most times I can barely believe my boy is 23 and-a-half, and now a fully graduated Cdn Soldier. How times passes, and the fantasies he enacted many years in Lego, now unfold in his existence.

    My congratulations to you on the addition to your family. I wish you joy and peace ~ which you will surely receive ~ and also strength and patience ~ which you will require in this timne of transition for your family.

  18. I have a ninth grader also this year and you're right, they grow entirely too fast. I never realized how short life is until watching a child grow right in front of me. Grasp the moment(s).

    Bless you on your new family member.

  19. Isn't that a wonderful feeling, when the kids choose to hang around us. You are doing a whole lot, of something right. It's love.

  20. tabitha, what huge hearts you have. I am so happy for you, pc, the hubs and T.


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