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Help Cure SMA

If you have not all ready signed please click the button above to sign the petition for The Strong Family. Their 17 month old daughter Gwendolyn is living with and fighting through SMA. It only takes 2 minutes TOPS and you'll be helping a fabulous family.

Thank You!!

Last night hubby and I truly talked about OUR parts in God's plan. We both know that He is using us to do his works and we Humbly accept. Whenever my day comes I want to stand before him and say without a doubt "I Gave You My All Father."

Our mission seems to change every year in some way. I now know we must be advocates for ALL children dealing with life threatening diseases.

This coming Monday I will post a very exciting post and I pray YOU ALL will join in.
It will Cost You
Nothing, but the click of your mouse.

God Bless You All


  1. yeah for you guys...and you do his work so humbly and so well! thank you! and look, you are getting those dollars/followers!

  2. You are inspiring Tabitha! And I will be back tomorrow:)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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