Memorable Sunday on a Monday

Normally we spend Sundays in our home resting for our week ahead, but hubby wanted to take a ride to Canyon Lake. Canyon Lake is a beautiful location here in San Antonio and until yesterday we had never fully explored it. As I went across the dam I thought about all of you. I prayed everyone was having a beautiful Sunday. I thought about all of the children who are hospitalized and all they see day in and out are the four walls of their room. I asked God to give them a HUGE hug for me at that very moment.

I totally enjoyed being with my family and looked forward to coming home and sharing my day with You. Although, its a day later I'm sure you'll appreciate the feelings I held in my heart yesterday and still hold them today.

Far away view.

Between Canyon Lake runs a huge dam where visitors can walk across. Scared as ever we walked across this dam and fell head over heels in love with the view!!

View from right side of dam.

He SO loves being on my blog!! LOL

Have A Blessed Monday!!!


  1. Wonderful Pictures Tabitha, I am glad you had such an enjoyable day. I imagine it could be a lil scary crossing the dam. Thank you for sharing your Sunday with us.

  2. How lovely! I love seeing photos of your beautiful family :)

    Your thoughts worked their miracles! I had a lovely day too :)

  3. Beautiful place, beautiful day, beautiful pictures, beautiful family, beautiful you :)

  4. Gosh that dam is HIGH! Scary! But a lovely view...Looks like it sure was a pretty day for a ride and an outing.

  5. Thank you for your prayers and HUGE hugs! I felt them! I really did.

    Love & Hugs & Happy Thoughts back at cha!

    P.S.. I was telling a new friend the other about a fabulous small luxury hotel on the River Walk.. Next time I'm in San Antonio.. I'm gonna make my way to Canyon Lake.. I'll email you! Maybe we can meet in person!

    Love YOU back!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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