Freaky Friday

So, my princess texted me on Tuesday afternoon as she was walking from her bus stop and the following conversation occurred. I Promise Y'all I never dropped this child as a baby. Sheesh!!

Child: Hi Lady

Me: Hi Kid

Me: R U Ready 2 Shop?

Child: OMG YES!! BUT FIRST I want to thank the bank and fonzy, big bird, dora, elmo, mung, daal, chowder, mr. magoo

Child: little lulu, alvin, patrick, stewie, tedd, barney, lilli, marshall. Wait was I talking about? Oy yeah thanks for making it possible!

Me: What the he%%!!

Child: Hey hey hey NO NO NO bad bad!!

Child: Hey no cursive writing (her way of saying no cuss words)

Me: I'm sorry

Child: Okay you're forgiven

Child: Now lets go spend that money!!!

My name is Tabitha and I live with a nut job and I love it!!!!
Lord Help Meh!!!! ☺☺☺


  1. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your baby sounds like she's soul mates with my little wack jobs... thanks for visiting MyBrownBaby--I love your blog, too!

  2. I think that is adorable. seriously. I would hope to have the same relationship-funy, comfortable, easy going-if I had a daughter.

  3. Yes, you do live with a nut job as do all parents, ha.

  4. Haha! That's cute!

  5. LOL! Very funny! LOVED the list of "people" to thank! hahaha

  6. Hahaha! "Nut jobs" make the world fun! :) Love it :)

  7. LOL, she sounds the old saying I inherited my insanity from my
    May you always be close enough to share the insanity. (love)

  8. I second that "nut job" comment! Girlz will drive u nuts 2! Now we're a matching set, now! I'm nutz!


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