Freaky Friday

So, my princess texted me on Tuesday afternoon as she was walking from her bus stop and the following conversation occurred. I Promise Y'all I never dropped this child as a baby. Sheesh!!

Child: Hi Lady

Me: Hi Kid

Me: R U Ready 2 Shop?

Child: OMG YES!! BUT FIRST I want to thank the bank and fonzy, big bird, dora, elmo, mung, daal, chowder, mr. magoo

Child: little lulu, alvin, patrick, stewie, tedd, barney, lilli, marshall. Wait was I talking about? Oy yeah thanks for making it possible!

Me: What the he%%!!

Child: Hey hey hey NO NO NO bad bad!!

Child: Hey no cursive writing (her way of saying no cuss words)

Me: I'm sorry

Child: Okay you're forgiven

Child: Now lets go spend that money!!!

My name is Tabitha and I live with a nut job and I love it!!!!
Lord Help Meh!!!! ☺☺☺


  1. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your baby sounds like she's soul mates with my little wack jobs... thanks for visiting MyBrownBaby--I love your blog, too!

  2. I think that is adorable. seriously. I would hope to have the same relationship-funy, comfortable, easy going-if I had a daughter.

  3. Yes, you do live with a nut job as do all parents, ha.

  4. LOL! Very funny! LOVED the list of "people" to thank! hahaha

  5. Hahaha! "Nut jobs" make the world fun! :) Love it :)

  6. LOL, she sounds the old saying I inherited my insanity from my
    May you always be close enough to share the insanity. (love)

  7. I second that "nut job" comment! Girlz will drive u nuts 2! Now we're a matching set, now! I'm nutz!


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