Gaining Followers For Cancer Research

My Friend Mommaof4wife2r @ A Thorn Among Roses had a fabulous idea this week on her blog. For every comment she received she donated $1 to Neuroblastoma Research. It was such a success! She received the 250 comments she was hoping for!

SAME IDEA, but a little different!

For every follower we receive At This Linkmy family and I will donate $1.
Our cap will be $200 = 200 Followers.

This starts Today and will end on March 31, 2009.

The $200 will be donated to Neuroblastoma Research

$100 will be donated this month - March 09
$100 will be donated next month - April 09

This way our goal is attainable!

Please Help Us Fight Cancer By Simply Clicking Your Mouse.

Thank You ALL in Advance!!

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