Happy Thursday!

My new blog friend Tabbie has the quote below on her blog and since I read it yesterday it has consumed my little head.


A woman's heart
should be so lost in God
that a man must seek Him
in order to find her.

When Hubby and I met I had no idea he'd be in my life forever, but he knew and he wasn't scared to say so. After a week hubby looks me dead in my eyes and says "You are going to be my wife." Of course, I thought he was absolutely crazy. But he had prayed and asked God for a wife with certain qualities. Once we met and talked he says he knew.

Next month we'll be married 10 Yrs and we've been a family for twelve. Reading that quote made me think of him and our dedication to God and to one another. All I can do is Smile ☺

Today I'm Grateful For:

My Life
Gentle Kisses
Every Single Blessing

I Desire To:

Be Blissfully Happy
Stay A Great Mom
Help Those In Need
Do The Work That HE Puts Before Me
Live In & Spread Peace

Have A Blessed Filled Thursday!!


  1. awwww....i love that quote. and i love you guys for being so cute! love it!

  2. That is so sweet! Ummm... does hubby have a brother? ;)

  3. Your posts are always so uplifting, Tabitha. Seriously. Just like a little piece of heaven everytime I visit your site.

    Congratulations on almost 10 years of marriage. That is really something to be proud of. :)


  4. such a sweet post. :-)

    my hubs and I told each other we loved each other within a week. We just knew-it was like coming home.

  5. Awesome 10 years what a wonderful beginning. Here's to 90 more years in bliss! Congratulations to both of you for finding each other :-)

  6. I love your story! And absolutely love that quote...thanks for sharing it!

  7. Great quote and even greater love story! You all are a great family.

  8. Hi Tabitha!!!!!!!!!
    That quote says it all! I just went and read it to my husband :)!

  9. By the way.. .loving the new blog look!

  10. Isn't 10 years wonderful? Hope you have a hundred happy years together!

  11. What a fantastic quote! No wonder it stuck in your mind. So ture!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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