Freaky Friday w/Princess Charlie

So, my daughter's school asks me to come in for a conference with her guidance counselor regarding her excellence in academics. (Proud Mama Beaming)

School Counselor: Your daughter is excellent in school and she's just what Lee High is looking for! If she accepts this opportunity she will be in great company and will truly excel as an individual.

The Child: What types of classes would I be taking?

School Counselor: You'd be taking the same classes you would take if you were to attend Mac, but the difference is ALL of your classes will be advance classes.

The Child: Wait! Stop! You just lost me.

(She looks at me and says)

The Child: Mama, at Mac I'll only have two advance classes and those are all I can handle. I am NOT taking All advance classes! Even if one of the classes was advance finger snapping - I'm NOT doing it!

Me: Did you say advance finger snapping? (I proceed to fall out laughing as the counselor looks confused)

After composing myself.

Me: So, you would not like to attend Lee next school year?

The Child: If I go to Lee everyone at Mac would miss out on my fabulousness and who am I to deprive them of my wonder. (she was so serious)

Me: You need Jesus Charlie

The Child: On second thought there should be an advance finger snapping class. I would so rock that subject!

Me: Falls Out Laughing

School Counselor: Thank you all for coming in today. I would offer you good luck for next year, but something tells me you are one kid who does not need it. (she smiles)

The Child: Re-creates the sound that "Lightening McQueen from Cars" makes when his picture is taken.

and me? I'm rendered weak from laughter. If you could have seen this counselor's face as she fell out laughing herself!

Again, I say. Lord help meh!!!


  1. Ummm, Tabby? Yeah... ummm... she gets it from somewhere ;)

  2. You DD sounds like a also a very independent minded young lady, good for her.

  3. She's not just book-smart, she is life-smart, too!

    I think she got that naughty and sassy sense of humor from someone who could it be...musn't tell...cough *TABBY* cough...T A B B Y...hee hee

  4. ROFL!!!!!!!!! Oh, my! Now that put a smile on my face. Your child is c-e-r-t-i-f-i-e-d.

    And P.S. : Make her take the advanced classes. She'll thank you for it when she gets into Yale.

  5. oh wow, what a fabulous haven! today is my very first time to travel through blog land and I'm amazed at all the wonderful souls I am meeting.
    Angel Blessings

  6. Your daughter sounds well rounded and multi-faceted. God love her!

  7. She sounds like a riot! I love and fear the sassiness of my girls!!


  8. big ol' smile on my face.....that's classic. thanks for sharing her wittiness with us.

  9. "If I go to Lee everyone at Mac would miss out on my fabulousness and who am I to deprive them of my wonder."
    hahahahahahahaha! Love it!


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