On This day

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*Note* On today my friend Mommaof4wife2r @ A Thorn Among Roses is donating $1 for every comment she receives to Neuroblastoma research in honor of tuesday whitt and cora paige mcclenahan. Please take a moment and visit her and leave a comment. Her heart is dedicated and true. :) Thank You!!

On This day

I want to:

1. Breathe
2. Love all regardless
3. Adopt a child (SO MUCH!)
4. Follow my heart and not second guess
5. Laugh uncontrollably
6. Hold my niece and make her see LOGIC
7. Wrap myself in music
8. Dream of a peaceful world (one day soon)
9. Not feel so guarded of my emotions
10. Feel HIS presence

I've been reading a few good books and enjoying life as it comes. Sometimes (for a mili second) I unknowingly allow craziness to enter my mind, then my sane self steps in and takes control. I want to share my love with another child and for a few years I literally talked myself out of it. NO MORE! I will be researching our options, because we truly deserve this opportunity/blessing.

I'm able to see the blessings even through the hard times and I truly love that!

Within me is calm
I breathe and live as I'm meant to
I Love and Choose Bliss

From Tabitha!!


  1. Have a wonderful day Tabitha-you wonderful good doer You! On my way to leave a comment.
    I sooo would adopt a child too! I have a children's international, but, it's not the same now is it!

  2. wow...my second visit to a blog with some amazing looking chocolate...i love this cookie and the saying even more...how lovely...

    follow your heart...no second guesses...from there, the rest follows :)


  3. What a great post!!! I will have something for you at my place once I get my post up! Swing by when you get a chance. Have a great day!!!

  4. Thanks so much for the reminder to visit A Thorn Among Roses. I had forgotten about the fundraising she is doing today.

    On my way now!


  5. May you be blessed with this opportunity! I will be sending prayers into the Universe for you :)

  6. Hi Tabitha,
    Do me a favor and consider renaming your sane self as your "sacred self." That part of you that is ever-rooted in the Spirit and all you have to do is tap into it to bring it to the surface again! xxxooo

    I visited your friend's site and posted. What a wonderful cause and thank you for letting us know about it.
    All Love, J

  7. Tabby I know here in Texas there are quite a few children waiting, waiting, waiting in foster care for a forever family...hope it works out for to adopt, and another lucky child gets to call you Mom...


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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