Crazy Conversations!!

Ok, so I'm on my computer yesterday trying to win Awesome items during Spring Fling and my daughter comes in and we have this crazy conversation. Actually, she did most of the ranting and I sat here looking quit confuzzled. In the end I still had to laugh at her, because she's very opinionated.

I wonder who she gets that from?? *Looks all innocent like*

Said Conversation:

so she comes in my room to ask if we can watch "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Siterhood and I tell her to ask Dad, because maybe he wasn't in the mood for a chick flick.

The Child: NO!!!! We don't have to ask anything!

Me: Well, jo we have to be equal and fair to him.

The Child: equal!! Men don't need to be equal!

For years before now and i mean YEARS men have oppressed women. Long ago women had absolutely no rights what.. so.. ever! None! Not one to their name!!

Me: Well, its different now.

The Child: Yeah different. I have a problem with this!
How come for the longest men could oppress women and get
away with it then all of a sudden BAM!!! We're all "equal?"

For a few decades women should be able to oppress men!!
Take away all their right.. Lets just stomp on them and let them see how it must have felt

Me: Ummm Jo?

The Child: AND another thing men are still oppressing women!!

Its just the MAN trying to keep us down!!!

Me thinking what the H***!!

The Child: I am done now.

She laughs, then I laugh.

The Child: What is my problem?

Me: No seriously, where did you come from?

She kisses me on my nose and leaves my room.
Oh the joys of Motherhood!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. LOL, sounds like a plan to me, but I got 6 men in my life, I'd be hard pressed to keep them down with no joking...Kids can come up with the darnest things and we may never know where they came from. You have a blessed day and try not to oppress your man too much. That's the cutest conversation I've heard so far.

  2. LOL... well... she has a point ;)

    I hear my daughter in there, too. I see myself coming to you for advice before too long...

  3. Oh my gosh! This post made me laugh out loud!
    What a fireball your daughter is!!! You have to admit - she makes sense.
    You sound like such a cool mom!

  4. This is so funny. I really enjoyed it. You never know what will come out of a kid's mouth at any given time and we wonder where they get some of the stuff. I know you just love her to death!

  5. Well, the child has a point, Tabby!!!


    Those teens, they rant and rave, then they are on to the next thing -- got to love them...

  6. This is too funny! I love it. She has some well thought out points there!


    Please visit me at

  7. What a delightful conversation, my mommy friend. I have a 19-year-old and whenever she comes home from college we have these same sorts of conversations. I never know when I am coming or going or she is coming or going. All over the place, trying to make sense of things that we (ultimately) can't make sense of. Your response of keeping it light seems to be the only sanity saving way. Humor helps. Gotta love em!

  8. What a great conversation...funny how the youth tend to view the world....were we like that? I suspect the answer is yes, I'm sure I had a few conversations with my mother that left her scratching her head too!

  9. Thank You Ladies!!! My daughter is truly loving that I actually posted this and that you all see the humor in it. Silly Kid!!

  10. laughing my butt off...she did not saying "holding the man down"...that is too much! she cracks me up!

  11. Too cute!! I love that she has her opinions, expresses them, and then can laugh at herself.
    That's my kinda gal!!

  12. "Its just the MAN trying to keep us down!!!"
    hahahaha! Priceless!

  13. I'm still laughing and thinking about this one. Hmmm, maybe she's onto something there. :-)

  14. Too funny and she is a cutie... watch out world she's a coming.... :-) and won't it be wonderful...future leader!

  15. LOL...great story! Thanks :)

  16. HAHA!! I love your daughter! Did she get to watch her movie? :)


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