The Little Things

Many days in my journal I write what I'm grateful for. Its a great exercise for all, but not everyone get's the BIG picture. I'm grateful for it all, but lately I've been taking stock of the little things.

I'm Grateful For These Little Things:

Breathing - Sight - Speech - Hearing - Mobility - The way her voice smiles when she says mommy - The way he hugs me tightly when he returns from work - The love I receive from my nieces and nephews - The peace I feel when I pray - Learning to live a stress free life - When my puppy son flops on his back so that I can rub his tummy - My gray hairs - the arthritis in my left hip - IBS - When a beautiful person surprises me with their kindness - That I write and can read poetry - Hot Chocolate - Vanilla Soy Milk - Relaxing baths with my different bath gels (Heavenly) - Scented Soy Candles - Music - Reading a good book - Cuddling on the sofa and laughing at The Golden Girls or Frasier - Watching nature bloom - Talking with my sisters - Creating cards for kids - Loving and being Loved.

All of these little things bring me great Joy. I choose to embrace the gray hairs, arthritis and IBS. Because the alternatives could be so much more devastating.

And as we say in Louisiana - Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez = Let the Good Times Roll!!!


  1. Dear Tabitha,
    I am always so happy to visit here and bear witness to your gratitude attitude. I just posted on gratitude on my blog too! Isn't it such an important spiritual practice and mindset? Hugs to you! Jan
    p.s. I am posting this way because I seem to be having trouble with your posting system. It keeps saying I am not a "member." Hmmmm.... I have posted at least 3 times over the last week and nothing has shown up. Weird!

  2. I'm going to try embracing my grey hair and joint pain... maybe if I love them, they'll go easier on me :)

    You are cool, my friend. So very cool.

  3. Are you from Louisiana too, Tabitha? It seems that all of the cool people that I meet on the internet are from there.

    Must be all that good food and those wonderful sayings!


  4. I am grateful for hugs from my boys, kisses from my husband, popcorn, stellan, diet mt. dew, bloggers like you, my funny students, turkey, my son's laughter, Jesus, God, Holy Spirit...and so much more! Thanks for the idea!

  5. I love the saying Let the good times roll in French! You are blessed in so many ways and being grateful will bestow upon you even greater blessings.

  6. Amen and I second all you wrote!

  7. You always bring a smile to my heart Tabitha, you have taught me a lot in just the lil time I have gotten to know you. We are all blessed by you being here :-)

  8. I am grateful for people like you that are making this world a better place to live in!

  9. Hi Tabitha

    Great post and message.. ;)

  10. Hello Tabitha!
    What a beautiful haven you have here. I'm resonating to this post in particular. I too have been acknowledging the simple, yet very important things, in my life - much like you have. That matters so much. I am thnakful to you for creating such a loving place to be here in blogland.
    And...thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kindred words. I'm so glad you enjoyed my mandalas :)
    Blessings to you, and yours.

  11. Whenever I feel low, or that life is kicking me in the butt, all I have to do is come here. And I feel light again. Thank you sweet Tabby! Hugs!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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