Soul Deep Sunday

In all of the years I've been on this earth I have never dreamt of myself with all of my limbs. That changed sometime Saturday night while I slept peacefully.

The Dream:

I was looking at myself in a full length mirror and my reflection had two arms and two legs. I was confused and kept asking how could this be possible. My reflection stepped out of the mirror, placed a gentle smile upon her face and hugged me. As she hugged me we lifted from the floor and kind of hovered. I wasn't scared and neither was she. We would embrace and then look one another in the eyes. I don't know if we were communicating or what, but somehow I knew her every thought.

My dream was interrupted by a bathroom run, but upon opening my eyes I felt this great sense of love surrounding me. I've never harped over my disability. I have wondered what I would look like with two arms and two legs, but could never picture it. In my dream I was given a full view and although it felt awesome to embrace the perfect born me I would never NOT want to be the imperfect born me. My imperfection is what perfects my spirit, my essence, and my heart. Being born with deformities has strengthened me in ways I can't fully convey.

I know my reason for being here at this time, in this body and I fully accept it every day I awake. In all truthfulness I guess I have known what I look like with my limbs through my daughter. She is indeed in my image and everyday I smile knowing I carried her perfect born body within my imperfect born body...Perfectly.



  1. a beautiful dream-suggesting perfection as is xx

  2. Namaste Tabitha.

  3. What a wonderful dream, I feel your dream was showing you what you will look like when you enter into God's Kingdom one day, for we all shall be perfect, the blind shall see and the lame shall walk.
    Your soul is perfect now. Sweet and loving.
    Have a Blessed Day

  4. There is nothing imperfect about you Tabby. You are more complete than most people I know. What you lack in limbs you have in heart, and it's big enough to encompass the whole world.

  5. Wow, this is so moving and inspiring... and beautiful!! Thanks for sharing this with us! Oh... and I love your name!! Haha.


  6. Genie Sea stole my words :).

    If you are imperfect, my friend, then all I have to say is thank the Universe for blessed imperfection! xo

  7. I think you are darling, Tabby, inside and out! I didn't know about these "imperfections." Your dream was very deep, but your waking wisdom is even deeper.

  8. So moving, So beautiful my dear friend.

    Write it on the quietest corner of your life...

    "I am perfect"

    For you are! You are!


  9. Hi! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!
    What a great post! What an awesome dream.

    You uplift me!

  10. Dear Tabitha,

    What a wonderful dream. You are perfect in every way!

    Quite honestly, I didn't know otherwise. I did not notice your disability until you talked about here. All I have every seen is a beautiful soul sending so much love out into the world that it pours out of her beautiful eyes and smile. Which, of course, is all that truly matter.

    Sending you heaps of hugs and kegs of kisses, Linda

  11. very uplifting! stopping by from sits

  12. Hi Tabitha! I popped in from 3 Little Indian's blog. So glad I did. Thank you for letting us read about your dream and the message you shared from it. What a marvelous truth for all of us to take upon our hearts. I also visited your other blog and am touched by your ministry and the fact that you do not ask for money. I look forward to getting to know you through your blogs!

  13. i love you girl...and i'll tell you what i tell my girlies...YOU are the most perfect YOU. and god doesn't make imperfect things.

    great it. love your honesty.

  14. You are such an inspiration and true hero! You teach more people how to live fully with less. You are an angel! I am honored to know you!

  15. you are amazing.

    you know, even though I see your photo every time I visit your site, I've never noticed missing limbs. It's because all I see is that smile radiating.

    you are truly a blessing to this community and in my eyes, perfect.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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