A Weekend of Blessings

I didn't blog none this weekend and it was for a very good reason.  I chose to spend every waking moment with my family.  There was no online activity, very few phone calls and tons of laughing together.  Now that my nephew has returned to his mom hubby, Princess Charlie and I have been re-adjusting to it being just the four of us (our puppy pooh).  This weekend felt right.  Everyone had permanent smiles upon their faces and no one was on edge.  This weekend we were a family at peace and I can not express just how grateful I am for that!

Awesome Moments:

1. This Saturday we resumed bible study as a whole family
2. Our puppy pooh received a fabulous report from the vet
3. I treated myself to 2 small things I truly wanted and didn't feel guilty about it
4. As a family we watched Bridezillas, Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives (it's our tradition since falling in love with each show)
5. We cooked awesome meals together!
6. We went grocery shopping and were able to get everything we needed without going over budget :)

Princess Charlie is out of school (yay!) and we are going to enjoy one another's company!  We plan to have PC's famous nachos for lunch (the girl is a whiz at creating them!).  Then she and I will make my famous lasagna for dinner.  I'm very excited about it, because she and hubby always make a big deal out of my lasagna and that makes me feel so loved!


  1. So glad you are happy, and enjoying family time.

  2. Tabitha,

    I see more and more bloggers doing just this very thing on the weekends. It's the least we can do to stay in touch with those very special people in our lives.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. What an absolutely magical weekend! How blessed we are when we tune everything out and focus on our families!

  4. Sounds awesome!! I love, love,love it when grocery shopping goes so well!! Love this list of simple pleasures.

  5. Good for you! Please stop by my blog as I have something that might make you smile...

  6. Good for you! Please stop by my blog as I have something that may make you smile... :}

  7. Very nice. Sometimes we have to subtract from distractions and reconnect with family, even ourselves. I have been away from the computer lately on purpose and God has spoken to me in many rewarding ways. Blogging, technology, hobbies are fun and enjoyable but what's most important is that unforgettable time spent with the ones we love. Things will remain long after we complete this journey but our children, family, husbands, us are temporal. Sounds like you all had a beautiful, memorable weekend. Enjoy more :)

  8. I really enjoy this blog. have stopped-by several times but didn't have the sign-in process figured-out (assuming I have it now)! I like the down-to-earth style and your honesty. Thanks

  9. this sounds like beautiful family time.


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