No Longer Do I Have To Wish

When I look back on my life I can clearly see that I lived a stress-filled and fear based life.  Actually, I do not call that a life at all.  I don't even consider that living.  These days I'm slowly coming into who God always wished for me to be.  I'm finally living as He wishes me to live.  And I'll be the first to admit that daily it's a struggle.  The enemy tries his best to get in my head and psyche me out with his fear based talk.  Fortunately for me I now walk through each day fully awake.  I now walk with My Father right there with me instead of running ahead of Him.  I know that He is my Shepard and I shall not want.  As long as I trust in Him, rest in Him everything is under control.  I know without any doubt that I am not nor was I ever in control of any situation or person (including myself).  Learning this has freed me from a miserable existence.  I want and need God's guidance.  Without it I am one lost and alone sheep.  It's beautiful how He gently knocks at your door and patiently waits for you to answer.  Once you answer He moves in and does amazing things!  Can't we all afford to have some amazement within our lives?  Especially in these times we are currently in.  I see that I can't fix the circumstances that surround me day to day.  But I can go forth out of gratitude for all he's doing in my life and do for others.  I can submit to His will and benefit from His never-ending love for me/us.  Daily I am learning to just be still and know that He is God.  I'm falling in love with myself as He has, I'm loving others as I love me and it feels so good my friends!  We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so I am consciously living each day granted as if it were my last.  I wish to rest in His love, goodness, mercy and peace.  And every morning He greets me with those gifts.  He no longer has to knock and I no longer have to wish, because through The King we have been granted all our hearts desire.

And I say...Amen

Photo of my nephew resting in God's love :)


  1. Beautifully written. Falling in love with yourself as He has... Wishing you peace. xoxo

  2. Tabitha Amen, I always try to live my very best day ever. I think if we do that we honestly are living. have a wonderful week. you impress me every time I come here. I wrote two letters this weekend. that is odd for me, be well and happy.

  3. Tabitha,
    A beautiful post reminding us of the love of god and to count our blessings.A feeling of gratitude always fills you with happiness.

    Blessings for abundance

  4. You are incredibly BEAUTIFUL. Your soul radiates Jesus.

    You shine!

    My love to you,


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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