Paying It Forward w/Love

A few days ago my friend Christina offered her readers a beautiful gift.  Christina is an extraordinary photographer and offered her readers a beautiful card with a photo that she has personally taken on it.  The offer was if any reader wished to receive a card or had a loved one they felt could use an uplifting they could request and she would oblige.  I wrote Christina and requested a card for my cousin who's still having a rough time after losing her mom almost three months ago.  Without hesitation Christina granted my request!  I was simply in awe of her kindness, so I decided in the spirit of kindness and because I know kind acts tickle God pink I'd pay it forward.

So, if you know of anyone who loves receiving happy mail (adult or child) or you yourself would love to receive a little joy rather than a bill please feel free to email me your mailing info at ichoosebliss(at)

I am no photographer, but I'm sure I have a few things that will place a smile upon the faces of those who request happy mail from me. (:

Have A Beautiful Day!!


  1. How beautiful! I love this, so very much.

  2. I love your sentence 'I know kind acts tickle God pink...' AMAZING.

  3. I got some Happy Mail from you and I'm still smiling!!!

    Your uplifting efforts are so good and kind and effective, too!

  4. this is soo nice...totally sweet


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