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Hello Beautiful Beings!

Thank you all for your encouraging words on yesterday's posts!  I'm still struggling with my decision to give up coffee.  Many have said I should have weened myself off of the coffee instead of going cold turkey.  It's a little too late to worry about that now. :-)

*A few thoughts for today*
-I love how Princess Charlie makes me laugh!  The kid is SO hilarious and I love how she loves making me laugh.
-I love how my hair is growing out.  I plan to keep it short.  It definitely fits me to a T.
-The new Cooking Channel is simply divine!  PC and I love watching it every day to get new cooking ideas.
-Have I ever mentioned how much I love cooking?  It is by far the most soothing act.  I love the fact that I can prepare delicious meals for my family daily!
-Whoever created meditation is simply a genius!
-I love how God loves me!

What's on your mind today?


  1. I am so glad with your list. I have weened myself to one cup a day, but having a bit of trouble with my stomach so may completely quit, I will have to read your post from yesterday. what is on my mind. Definately love and compassion and forgiveness. I may write a post about it if I get a chance. hugs to you. be well and good luck.

  2. I love how God loves me too sweet friend.

  3. A blog friend once said there is beauty in little. The little things can be the most uplifting, unforgettable experiences. Funny about the cooking. Yesterday, I was thinking of going vegen for summer and was looking at some awesome recipes. (of course the kids are not too thrilled about the idea)

    Today I will simply enjoy the act of breathing, the 700 club, reading my book and the taste of coffee ;)

    Thanks Tabitha for a nice post.

  4. Hi Tabitha! I have a life long exposure to coffee (raised on cafe au lait by my grandma) and at 63, I won't even THINK about it. Giving up sugar, soda, and all my favorite junk food has me feeling great - can't push my luck, haha!

  5. isn't that cooking channel just brilliant?!
    : )


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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