URGENT: We Need Your Support

Blessings Beautiful Beings!

I know that financial hardship has hit us all, so it is with a heavy and humble heart that I come to ask this favor of you today.  As you know this mission runs on the financial support of my husband and I along with a few dedicated supporters.  As of late hardship has hit our supporters and we have been lovingly carrying the financial load on our own (which we do not mind at all).  I have to be honest and say this is becoming very hard to do.

At this time our greatest need is postage stamps.  As soon as we purchase a roll of 100 within four days they are gone.  Although that is a great thing it's also not, because without postage we can not uplift children and adults who come to us for help.  With that being said, we are just 2 postage books away from NOT being able 2 send uplifting mail to children and adults throughout the US who are depending on us. Will you please consider helping us?

We are in need of .44 and .28 postage stamps

Donations Can Be Made Via Pay Pal On Our Site Or
Postage Can Be Mailed To: 

Afiveoh4uplifting - PMB 1155 
13909 Nacogdoches Rd. #105 
San Antonio, TX 78217 

Thank You & God Bless!! 
Tabitha and Family


  1. Praying for all of your efforts.

  2. I'll talk to my twin and we should be able to send you some stamps. I just noticed you live in San Antonio. I am a Corpus gal! How cool!

  3. Hi Tabby!

    I am sorry to hear the financial problems have reached your supporters. I know it is very hard in many places. Jobs we thought were secure turn out to be gone in a flash. And stamps just cost more and more.

  4. Divine Mrs D, we received a book of stamps from a young lady from Twitter yesterday.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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