Seeing Past the Coffee Induced Haze

Two years ago I was not a coffee drinker.  An acquaintance raved about it and insisted that I try it, so I did.  It was awesome!  I was suddenly drinking coffee every morning.  A few days ago I decided I would not have coffee this morning and I noticed something ugly going on.  My body was craving it!  I felt sluggish and couldn't concentrate, so I decided I needed to get that monkey off of my back.  I haven't had coffee in 5 days and it has been a crazy experience.  I knew what withdrawals were, but had never went through them myself until coffee entered my life.

I don't care to be addicted to a drink or even medication for that matter.  I've seen what being addicted to drugs or prescribed medication can do to a being.  I've watched a few loved ones go through it, which is why I try very hard to not even tempt fate in that way.  I failed with coffee.  Without even knowing it I became addicted.  As I type this I am jittery and I feel as if the energy is being drained from my body, but I can not give in.  The only thing/person I want to be addicted to is God (and chocolate).  I truly dislike what my body is going through and I feel deeply guilty about it, but such is life.  We live and we learn.  My love affair with coffee was nice, but I think I'll stick to my Crystal light and Snapple thankyouverymuch!

Have you ever experienced an addiction?  How did you get through it?


  1. Ha! God and chocolate. :)

    I've never gone through an addiction personally, but my mom is like that with coffee. And I know someone who had a wicked withdrawal from Coke products (like the drink).

  2. Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and support.

  3. Praying for you as you fight this addiction sweetie.

  4. I love coffee and don't have any plans of quitting any time soon, I did stop drink it for a while a few years ago and it was hard, I recommend you to eat raw celery as it helps with the headache of the withdrawal, Good Luck!

  5. Tabitha,

    I too face the dreaded coffee addiction and I get the worst headaches when I attempt to quit, so now I drink decaffeinated green tea and it gives me the soothing warm of the coffee without all the caffeine.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. It's the caffeine in it, Tabby. I drink decaf, the naturally decaf, and that way I can have the coffee taste and experience but no addiction!!!

  7. One addiction is worth it: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

    Yes, He is our magnificent obsession. We can be addicted to Him, yes?

    Love you, sweetie.

    Hope your body recovers soon. ~smooch~

  8. I drink coffee everyday even in the summer. People look at me like I'm crazy when I walk around with my triple latte in 90+ degree weather. I enjoy it but I wouldn't say I am addicted. Just one cup does it for me each morning. I have gone without it and yes, it does have some side effects. I get really cranky. But I hear chocolate has caffeine in it too. That is the "drug" that wrecks havoc on the system. If I had to (hopefully never) I could go without it though. Good luck and with time, the symptoms will soon pass. Enjoy your chocolate haven :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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