Some Cool Changes

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Thank you to everyone who listened to the podcast and to those who commented on my poem!  You guys make a girl feel truly cared for!  I was sitting last night reflecting on the changes that are taking place within me and I must admit it leaves me in awe of what The Father can do.

1. I was a people pleaser.  I did not have the strength to say no.  This is no longer a true statement.
2. I cared what others thought of me - Never again!
3. I was afraid to cut my hair short - I did it and I feel Beautiful than ever before!!
4. I never did kind acts for myself - I do them daily now!
5. I'm losing weight!!!!!

I've been watching a bunch of videos by Mike Breaux and so much he says reflects with how my life is changing these days.  I'm still learning, but the most important thing I've learned is I cannot control what others say or do in my life.  The other is if I live in the now and seek a relationship with God (which I am) I will have a joyfull, love filled and peaceful life.  Troubles will come, but having complete faith will help me get through them and still say truthfully that I have joy in my life.


  1. Amen, focus on God, not the world.

  2. I too was all of those things and God is working on me as well. I am going to work on losing weight after I have my last baby in December, but I can start my healthy lifestyle up now. Thank you for this, very inspiring. There isn't nothing that God cannot change in you and although we cannot change others, he can change our perspective and attitude on others.

  3. One thing I'm learning is how to say no...and I'm trying to not care what others think of me. Good for you!! Happy Friday!!

  4. I think that your most insightful revelation is the one about control. We can only control ourselves - how we think, act and react. Realizing this is an important first step to creating happiness.

  5. Tabitha,

    I love this new YOU! It is amazing just how many times we will put ourselves last instead of taking care of our physical selves to keep our balance in this world.

    Time to celebrate the little joys in the everyday!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. It's so hard to learn new ways. From the time we are little we are taught cautionary tales about always worrying about tomorrow and we are also taught to be really careful about what others might think of us. Both are okay ideas, but they receive way too much emphasis! We need emphasis on living honestly and giving ourselves and others room to be their full selves!!!

  7. Learning to accept - and embrace - all that we have judged unacceptable in ourselves really is a leap of faith. I appreciate finding your encouraging words.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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