A New Day of Clarity

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I found the image above on Google yesterday and sat here marveling at it's beauty for awhile. Lately, I've been looking at things very differently. When I see a flower I now SEE the flower and all that it encompasses. When I hear music I HEAR the intricate details of every note playing. When I hear someone singing beautiful words I now FEEL the emotion that is put into each word. When I read a poem I know without a doubt that God is the true poet. There are so many facets of life and it amazes me how for many of them I was not fully awake. But, today is different and yesterday was different and I'm sure tomorrow will be different as well. Now I am fully awake and aware. I'm aware that many people are in need in this world. I'm aware that cancer is not just a word, but indeed a life altering disease. I'm also aware that WE were not created to live in fear, sorrow, self loathing, or hatred of anyone. These lessons clarify and guide me daily. Just as the flower above gave me sweet joy just at the sight of it WE should do the same for ourselves and for others as much as we humanly can.

Today I Am:
1. Abundantly Grateful
2. Awake
3. Filled With Deep Rooted Love
4. Joyful
5. Uplifted

Today I wish for you great health, an abundance of blessings & joy, and a deep rooted sense of peace.



  1. Beautiful picture and beautiful words! Thank you Tabitha! Your blog always centers me and reminds me to focus on the simple acts of life.

  2. ahhhh ~ to be fully awake to life and all it holds .... magnificent.

  3. Again, a beautiful post, gorgeous picture. Cancer is definitely not just a word... I'm sorry to say that I know it all too well right now. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. There is such a bright glow over Texas and I know what it is :-) YOU light the world up my friend. Beautiful!

  5. I know, Tabby, I know. I am STILL not really awake. Too busy pedaling, paddling, and trying to take a breath before the next wave of life hits me! But happier days are coming!

  6. Pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tabitha, how wonderful! I wonder how much of this new awakening is a result of your 21 days of simplicity... maybe simplifying the rest of your life has allowed you now to really see & take in the world around you. I'm so happy for you!

  8. what a beautiful post! it's such a gift to be really aware of what is around us. and to be grateful for it!!

  9. Hi Tabby....dropping by to say hello and I love your post. So many times we let life pass us by without really enjoying it. Hows your aunt doing?

  10. I wish for you health, abundance and many blessings, my sweet giving friend :)

  11. Joydiscovered: Thank you so very much for your beautiful words!

    Tinkerbell: My sentiments exactly my friend!

    Drahdrah: Thank You! I'm so sorry cancer has found it's way to you and your loved ones.

    Darsden: I am silenced and humbled by your words. Thank you deeply!

    Penniwig: We all struggle. It is indeed a day to day process my friend. Hugs!

    Jill: Thanks!!!!!!!

    Amanda: My 21 Days of Simplicity play a HUGE roll in my awakening, but the hugest factor is indeed my grandmother and her passing.

    Sheryl: Thank you and I truly agree!

    LisaLisa: Hi There! My aunt is doing very well considering the situation. She's very strong and positive about everything. Thank you for asking!!

    Genie: I truly love you my friend♥

  12. Occasionally, I have these moments, too, and they are such gifts. Thank you for this beautiful post, Tabitha, and for the beautiful soul you are.

  13. What a very beautiful and thoughtful post today. Thank you Tabitha!

  14. this is a very beautiful post Tabitha and wonderful reminders for us all!

  15. I love this post. What a blessing to be alive and tuned in to all symphony that surrounds us. You are an angel walking the earth Tabitha. I am so grateful that I know you.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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