The Little Things

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The Little Things...

The soothing hum of the ceiling fan gently putting me to sleep
The sweet smell of my bathing gels after a long and relaxing shower
The cool feel under my foot from the new flooring in my home
The way my niece Tamera says "I Love You To"
Rubbing my puppy son's belly for as long as he wishes
Being able to make my baby sister laugh
Quite time with The Father in the early morn
Writing a poem in the middle of the night
Seeing the smiles upon my family's face after they've eaten the dinner I prepared
Being inspired
Enjoying a cup of coffee and toast with my daughter
Singing happy birthday to someone I love
A scented candle, gentle music and my bible
Clean water
Realizing my mistakes and repenting
Knowing I am forgiven
The Angel that sits upon my dresser
A restful sleep
Waking refreshed
Getting to know the real me (I love her)


  1. All those things sound wonderfully blissful! Hope you're having a blessed day!

  2. beautiful.

    thank you so much for my gift Tabitha. It made me smile...and I felt nothing but love coming through. you are so special.

  3. Tabitha,
    This is beautiful. I do not know how you come up with all this inspiration, day after day. Your bliss is infinite! Thank you for being you and sharing yourself with all of us!

  4. So wonderful...I find it's the culmination of little things that make my life so much better! :)

  5. The little things are the glue that holds the big things together

  6. JennyKate: I am indeed having a blessed day and I send the same wish back your way! Thank You!!

    Lauren: Thank you for uplifting me each day with both your words and your presence

    Joydiscovered: I can not take any credit for my writing for I believe it all comes from The Father. I live as He wishes me to and in return I get to live this bliss I so desperately searched for. :)

    Holly: Smiles right back at you sweet one.

    Caroline: I so agree with you! Thank you for dropping by today!

    Grandma J: Amen!

  7. What a great list! I need to make one like that! xo

  8. Tabitha:

    Thank you so much for that....I actually feel so calm right now!!!


  9. Tabitha, I thank you for your persistence, and your insistence on joy and uplift. The way you share yourself so freely is a gift to the world.

  10. You are a gift to this world my beautiful friend,

    Much love, M

  11. What a fabulous list!! Fantastic art, too. What a precious heart you have, my friend.

  12. I feel like I just came back from a long relaxing nature walk (smile).

  13. You are the sweetest heart Tabitha!

  14. Oh I love list! And this one is such a lovely one.
    : )

  15. My ceiling fan puts me to sleep too!!! :)

    It's nice to meet you - you have a beautiful blog!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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