21 Days of Simplicity - Day 12 thru15

Mi Familia

Today I'm Grateful For:
1. A safe return home
2. A weekend filled with laughter & love
3. A home filled with beautiful kids (PC, one of my 4 nieces and two of my 3 nephews)
4. For each and everyone person who sent my aunt cards/gifts
5. That I got to sleep in my Grandma's bed

Hello Beautiful Friends!!

I am back home in Texas with three extra kids and I'm loving it! Going home to be with family was just what my soul needed. I was able to love on my nieces and nephews, my mom, my sisters, my cousins, aunts and uncles. They returned that love and it was refreshing!! My mom dotted over her oldest child and cooked me a delicious pot of shrimp stew. I walked into my Grandmother's room and saw all of the beautiful cards everyone sent to my aunt Diana! I cried tears of joy! She has them displayed beautifully on the three dressers in my Grandmother's room.

The entire weekend was filled with family, music, food, laughter and love. Thank you for the prayers for my baby sister. She is still having a hard time (as to be expected), but she will get through this. Your support is deeply appreciated!

Did I mention I am exhausted? I LOVE going home, but the 8 hour drive is hell on the body! But, it is never boring! While hubby drove, the kids and I sang every song on the radio and laughed until we all fell asleep.

I came home with a few awesome gifts from New Orleans and I'll be giving them away starting next week! I need time to recuperate first! For now I have four kids and a puppy son who require my attention at the moment. :) (Pictures to come this week)

I will be reading blogs and commenting this evening!
Love To Everyone!!


  1. Hi Tabitha,

    So glad you made it home safely, and that you had a wonderful Holiday weekend.

    Can't wait to see pics & giveaways!

    Be blessed!!!

  2. Shrimp stew... oh... yum!

    And the other stuff sounds nice, too ;)

    Glad you had a wonderful time and glad you're back safely!

  3. i love love love the pic collage!!! your face is too pretty! and i can feel your joy and excitement just being with your fam! i love the smiles...and i miss u. god was amazingly open and presesnt at big stuf with my high school kids last week and i was more than blessed...which reminds me of you! miss u.


  5. You sound so refreshed and renewed ... love that collage of your pics ... lovely to see all those faces.

    I mailed my postcard on Saturday.

    Glad for your safe return.

  6. That time with your family sounds like a true blessing, and one that you really needed. Thank you for sharing it with us. Your blog is an inspiration and brings joy into my heart. Thank you, Tabitha.

  7. The Crescent City! I do miss it. That mention of shrimp stew has got me HUNGRY yeah!!!

    Now I have missed a bit of your posts somehow and I'm going to go back and read what-all I have been missing!!! Because you are like a whirlwind!

  8. I came over to check out your blog. I love your list - smile in the morning, smile going to bed.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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