21 Days of Simplicity - Day 18

Today I'm Grateful:
1) For the clarity of past mistakes
2) For calm deep within my soul
3) For the word, which guides me through each day
4) For every single blessing bestowed upon me
5) For an open heart & mind
6) For the great taste of water
7) That even through hard times joy resides within us and our homes
8) For gut busting laughter
9) For the sweet scent of perfumes
10) Music

On yesterday I told you about a few things that I've learned to let go of in my new walk of life. Today I'd like to share with you a few things I've gained within this new walk and way of living.

Things I've Gained/Learned:
*A true sense of Peace
*A stronger and truer connection to God
*I am not in control
*I trust He who is in control
*Patience (I truly needed it)
*A soul deep kind of calm
*A stronger appreciation for the little things
*An even stronger connection to those in my life
*Being silent can be very helpful/healing
*This too shall pass (I now know this completely)
*Love of God, self and family is the only thing worth holding on to
*Appreciate every given moment
*Seek out like-minded people
*Simple living is freeing
*Be You (no matter the consequences)


  1. That's a wonderful list, Tabby. Life is a lot sweeter without the stress and worry -- the UNNECESSARY kind, the kind that creeps into yr mind and just won't leave and isn't even there for a good reason!

    I really like the "Simple living is freeing" remark there at the end of the list. HOW TRUE, and I think a lot of people, in the midst of all the economic breakdown, are surprised to find that it is so -- it IS freeing not to be consumed about consuming, having the biggest and best and most show-offie things!!!

  2. Sometimes it's all about letting things go. I always want to control life - just doesn't work so well. I am always rethinking what I am grasping too tightly. Huge hugs to you hon!! Love, Sarah

  3. this is my first time here. not sure why i haven't stumbled across this wonderful place before. i love, love, love your spirit. it is obvious how much you love the Lord and that your life is making a difference!!

    i'll be back for sure.

  4. I love this - "the clarity of past mistakes" Absolutely wise and inspiring, as usual Tabby! Hugs!

  5. that was such a beautiful post! Thank you!

  6. Letting go and patience...once you have that mastered life is easy...lol!

  7. Thank you so much for this post, Tabitha. I wasn't quite ready to head to bed and felt God leading me right here to your words. They feel like a benediction. Thank you.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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